Aubrey Plaza Marvel Character Revealed "Death" in Agatha Series
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Aubrey Plaza Marvel Character Revealed Plays Death in Agatha: Coven of Chaos

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BY May 27, 2023

The Wandavision series was a hit on the Disney+ platform and spawned a sequel titled Agatha: Coven of Chaos. The appearance of actress Aubrey Plaza was confirmed in this new series, although her Marvel character was a mystery until now.

Plaza’s character would be Death, which many confuse with her former role Legion because of her strange cape. However, reliable sources confirmed that this will be his role, although they detail that he is coming too late, considering that in the comics, he had interactions with villains who are now dead.

Aubrey Plaza Marvel Character Will Be Death

Aubrey Plaza MCU Character Image: HBO / Marvel Studios

A short time ago, we learned about the appearance of this young and talented actress in the series Agatha: Coven of Chaos. The actress’s character was unknown until today when Giant Freaking Robot unveiled that Aubrey Plaza will play Death in Marvel. This character is both interesting and terrifying in the Marvel world and is related to several villains in this comic book world.

An example of the above is the Titan Thanos. The Death that will appear in the series by the hand of Aubrey Plaza must have been in the whole plot related to the mentioned villain. Considering that in the comic series Infinity Gloves, issued in the year 91, Thanos eliminates half of the population throughout the universe to conquer this character instead of returning the balance in the world.

As for the characteristics of Aubrey Plaza’s character in Marvel, we know that Death is silent and usually seeks to go unnoticed. In fact, in the how-to, she rebukes the actions taken by Titan Thanos in killing half the population, and we even find out that she was fooling the villain much of the time.

The absence of Plaza’s character so far hints that this would be the right time for his appearance, according to the story Marvel wants to tell. This would be that Death would be fed at the moment of Thanos snapping his fingers and eliminating 50% of the universe’s inhabitants. However, he would starve after the Hulk revived all the people killed by the Titan.

The Actress to Play a Dark and Powerful Character  

Marvel Comics: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Lady Death Image: Marvel Studios

Actress Aubrey Plaza will play a dark and very powerful Marvel character. As we anticipated here, this character will have great importance in the plot of Agatha: Coven of Chaos

Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin were in charge of creating this character. His first appearance was in Captain Marvel #26 (June 1973). Death is an abstract, immortal and powerful cosmic entity that does not possess a real physical body since he is the incarnation of Death.

This Marvel character, to be played by Aubrey Plaza, has total control over Death, which gives her the power to take life or resurrect individuals. This ability could bring very interesting plots to Agatha’s series. Moreover, given the actress’s popularity, she could even have continuity in the MCU for future productions. 

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios 

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