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Dwayne Johnson Feels Optimistic About DC Universe 

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BY October 20, 2022

Due to management changes and cancellations, DC/Warner Bros. Discovery is in turmoil. Despite this situation, Dwayne Johnson feels optimistic about DC Universe.

Conflicts on the board of Warner Bros. Discovery continue to be in the news. Yesterday Walter Hamada, president of DC for 15 years, stepped down. Thanks to a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, we know that the executive blocked the appearance of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

With Hamada’s departure, tensions are easing, and we already know that Superman will have a cameo in Black Adam. This appearance is largely thanks to Dwayne Jhonson, who negotiated the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. In addition, THR also confirmed that he would not only return for this cameo but also a Man of Steel sequel.

These facts could indicate that DC and Warner are finally going in the same line and that the productions of this comic book world could have the success they want.

Dwayne Johnson Feels Optimistic About DC Universe 

Red Notice teaser trailer Rock. Image via Netflix.

In an interview that actor Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) had with the New York Times, the actor said a lot about the future of DC. The artist commented, “It’s a unique time in the superhero genre, where there’s the introduction of fresh blood and new characters on both sides of the aisle – at Marvel and certainly at DC”.

He continued in his statement, “And the launching of Black Adam is converging with a time where they are also bringing in new leadership at Warner Bros. and new leadership on the DC side is soon to be coming in. I feel very confident about the direction of the DC universe”.

Finally, he said, “It is going to require real strategy and real leadership. And that requires us not to look at Marvel’s success and say, let’s follow that blueprint. That’s Marvel. I’m very happy for them. We don’t want to be Marvel, in my opinion. We want to be DC and we want to do it our way.”

black adam Image via Warner Bros.

Johnson indicated that leadership and teamwork are vital at DC to success in each production. It is essential to put aside the conflict between Warner and the comic book company to achieve true success in production. This work materialises in the Black Adam movie for the actor, and we already see the results.

On this point, The Rock commented, “I have been saying for some time, there’s a new era in the DC Universe that’s about to begin”. He later added, “This is a new era in the DC Universe,’ is listening to the fans. And doing our best to give the fans what they want”.

In the end, Johnson confirmed that he would meet one of his goals for Black Adam. He said we would see a fight between the anti-hero against Superman, portrayed by Henry Cavill.

The Rock, The Next Kevin Feige For DC

Black Adam Wrapped Filming, the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, DC Comics, Shazam!, DCEU, Warner Bros (Image via Screenshot)

One of the existing rumors or possibilities is that The Rock will not only participate as an actor but as a DC executive. For many, he could be in the position of president in DC’s film area. It is unlikely that he will occupy the presidency of DC, but given his achievements in Black Adam, it is viable for him to reach a management position.

There is no doubt that Dwayne Johnson possesses leadership qualities. For example, he knows how to listen to the fans’ opinions to give them the greatest satisfaction with each product. This fact was noticeable in Black Adam, not only by correcting a scene in his trailer but also by the reincorporation of Henry Cavill into the DCEU.

Add to all this Jhonson’s love for the movies and DC, and his taking this position is one of the most viable options. Not only could it unite Warner and DC and propel it into a new era with a path of its own. Also, for the companies to make the desired profits, David Zaslav touches on a lot in his statements.

We will have to wait for the results of the Black Adam movie to determine Jhonson’s future in DC. It also remains to be seen if the actor wants to take such responsibility, considering his work as an artist and entrepreneur.

What is certain is that fans are happy with the results of his actions. Not only because of Cavill’s return as Superman in both the cameo and the sequel. It’s also because he listened to their feedback for the Black Adam movie that opens tomorrow, October 21.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Discovery 


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