DC Comics NFTs Explained - Superheroes Into Blockchain Ecosystem
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DC Comics NFTs Explained – Superheroes Jump Into Blockchain Ecosystem

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BY April 29, 2022

As announced at DC FanDome, publisher DC comics has now launched its collection of NFTs, a significant step for both the legendary publisher and the NFT industry. DC Comics has partnered with Palm NFT Studio, a company specializing in introducing projects and platforms to the Palm ecosystem, supporting and collaborating with artists, creatives, rights holders, and marketplaces. But what is this collection all about? If you are a DC Comic books fan but are not familiar with this new digital industry, you probably didn’t know about its existence. Here we will explain it to you.

DC Comics Enters the Blockchain Technology

With the launch of this collection by Palm NFT, DC Comics has officially jumped into this cutting-edge industry, which is currently making a big splash. The President of DC Entertainment, Jim Lee, has been in charge of selecting the NFTs launched by DC. It was an initiative associated with the DC fandom to encourage users to register on the official DCFanDome.com event website. Since October 5, registered users have had free access to one NFT and a second to those who shared the information on social media.

The DC Comics NFTs collection includes superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman and characters like Harley Quinn. Palm NFT Studios offered the possibility of collecting comic book covers according to their rarity level. These NFTs range between different issues of each characters’ comic book cover.

DC Comics NFT wonder woman Image via DC Comics

Some of the NFTs include common, as in the case of Wonder Woman by George Perez, rare, such as #1 Nubia and the Amazons by Alitha Martinez, and legendary NFTs, such as Wonder Woman #1 from 2021 by author Jenny Frison.

New Batman NFT: the Bat Cowl Collection

Less than a week ago, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, in collaboration with Palm NFT and DC, announced the imminent release of NFTs, the Bat Cowl Collection. This collection is the most extensive compilation of the character to date, boasting an incredible 200,000 NFTs of Batman’s cowl, influenced by 83 years of DC’s Batman and rendered in 3D.

The official launch of this collection is scheduled for next April 26, 2022, and users who already own DC FanDome NFTs will have access to the presale exclusively. On the website, we can see the pieces that will go on sale in 3D format with a countdown of the days remaining until the Batman cowls go on sale.

According to Jim Lee, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer for DC, “What’s exciting about this amazing collaboration is that we are continuing the evolution of his distinctive Bat Cowl by bringing it into the modern digital world, making it accessible and more wildly engaging than ever before.”

The world of NFTs has already made its way into gaming and is now reaching all areas. Art is one of the fields where this new technology has more depth, as many artists have opted to sell their art digitally, leaving aside the traditional physical pieces. Now, fans of DC superheroes will be able to own their non-fungible tokens related to this universe.

You can be the owner of an item from the Bat Cowl Collection NFT for USD 300 each. Fans can obtain all upgrades on nft.dcuniverse.com. Are you ready to put your hands on one of these DC Comics NFTs? We want to read your thoughts.

Featured Image via DC Comics

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