Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is The New James Bond (Rumor)
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Is The New James Bond (Rumor)

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BY January 5, 2023

Strong rumors point that James Bond will have a reboot with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, after the dignified death that had the edition shown by Daniel Craig. Until now, one of the problems was to get the right actor. There were many names on the list such as Henry Cavill, who would have gained strength by his departure from Warner and another one was Tom Holland.

The detail is that neither of the two met the requirements in terms of age that the producers were looking for. That is why they were not considered, as well as other actors of certain renown. Surprisingly, the chosen actor was not even on the initial list of possible candidates for the role.

MGM had an idea and chose a candidate with no trajectory as marked as those on the list. Apparently, that is the main reason Aaron Taylor-Johnson was chosen. In addition to meeting the specifications the producers wanted. Ironically, the popularity of several actors left them out, due to the time required for this saga.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson As New James Bond

Aaron Taylor Image: Sony Pictures

According to a leak offered by media publisher Puck, MGM and the producers of the James Bond franchise already have their new actor. It is Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the actor who appeared in the movie Bullet Train and had a great performance and will also star in Sony’s production of Kraven the Hunter.

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson meets the specifications they were looking for in both demeanor and age. First he meets the requirements of being a British actor, which gives him the right look to play the M16 spy. Also the age of 32 helps him beat out the candidates on the list.

aaron taylor-johnson Image: Marvel Comics/Sony

It should be noted that they were looking for an actor who was neither too old nor too young. That could give him the veteranism of James Bond, but at the same time he can endure the 10 or 15 years that the new plot of this character will last. This was what left out actors like Henry Cavill, Tom Holland and even the one who was considered as the first choice, Idris Elba.

In the case of Aaron Taylor-Johnson he is 32 years old which meets this age requirement. He also has the English bearing, which makes him meet all the requirements they are looking for the new 007 agent.

According to the information provided, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has already met with the producers and they have agreed to his participation. The meeting took place with Barbara Broccoli, who saw with good eyes the actor and gave her approval. The detail that this seems to be not quite definitive, since the actor’s upcoming releases may greatly influence the decision.

What can Affect this Decision of the New 007

5 possible James Bond Image: Sony Pictures/Marvel/BBC

It may seem that the decision has already been made, but that is not yet the case. More with the fact that there is no official statement from the producers. Moreover MGM did not made official the hiring of Aaron Taylor-Johnson for the role. Other factors may affect his being hired, and they are related to other productions in which the actor participated.

Specifically, we are talking about the Spider-Man spin-off of Kraven the Hunter, which will show this villain’s story. We also have the Universal movie, The Fall Guy, in which the actor also stars. If these are successful, Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s role as James Bond would be put in doubt by the producers and MGM.

New James Bond Actor Image: MGM Distribution Co.

The fact is that they are looking for an actor who is not so famous to play James Bond. So that he is not so much in demand and can work comfortably with the character. The point is that if the movies have considerable success, this could imply an increase in fame and could take him out of the franchise.

It may sound ironic, but doing his job well could leave him out of the role many are coveting now. Considering Kraven the Hunter opens on October 6 and The Fall Guy in March 2024. This could involve scheduling problems for the actor. Since the next film of agent 007 should begin filming on those dates.

Featured Image Via Universal/Columbia Pictures 




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