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Xbox Game Pass Value In 2021 Exceeded $6,000 In Games

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BY December 27, 2021

There’s nothing quite like Xbox Game Pass today. Yes, we know that PlayStation’s ‘Spartacus’ will be their version of Game Pass. That’s not here yet, however, and we don’t know many details. That said, the king of value in gaming is certainly Game Pass by a large margin. While not many games companies like to share the details of their subscriptions, fans got to work on a project. Some Xbox Game Pass subscribers sat down and calculated Xbox Game Pass value in 2021 by the games available in the service. The overall value might surprise you, even if you constantly download new things to play. Here’s the figure the group came up with on this intriguing calculation.

Xbox Game Pass Value in 2021 Might Surprise You

xbox game pass value in 2021 Image Credit: Xbox Game Pass

A subscription to Xbox Game Pass costs $120 USD. That’s not a cheap price, but it certainly seems small compared to the Xbox Game Pass value in 2021. The team over at The Loadout, an esports and competitive gaming site, took it upon themselves to see what sort of value subscribers get from the Xbox service. The final figure certainly surprised me. Yes, we all know you can get Xbox exclusives on Day One with the service. That means instant access to games like Halo Infinite as well as Forza Horizon 5When you add every game up, however, we’re reminded just how great a package this service is for Xbox players.

Including the PC and console libraries of Xbox Game Pass, the total value of Xbox Game Pass this year came out to $6,317.35 USD. That’s a pretty insane increase from the $120 asking price. Of course, there are some things to consider in this calculation. Firstly, not every gamer plays every single game on the service. Secondly, not every subscriber has access to both the console and PC libraries. That said, it’s still likely that subscribers in 2021 got their money back and then some with this growing library of games.

How many games do you think you played this year on Game Pass? If you have an estimate, then let us know in the comments! My best guess is that I’ve probably downloaded at least 35-40 games on the service this year. Did I finish them all? Definitely not. Still, it’s fun to get to try things out as they catch your eye!

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Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Pass


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