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PlayStation Plus Essential December Games Confirmed!

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BY November 30, 2022

It’s been a huge month for PlayStation users. The Black Friday deals escalated to 95% off. Titles like Resident Evil 3 and The Last of Us Part II sold for $9.99. And, the good deals keep coming. We just got word from PlayStation Plus Essential’s December games.

Yesterday, Eurogamer covered a leak by a popular French website. And, PlayStation confirmed the leak today. The games Biomutant, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Divine Knockout.

Mass Effect and Biomutant are already popular titles coming to PS Plus. But, Divine Knockout is now celebrating its launch. So, you can try it right out of the box with your Essential subscription.

The three games are quite different. We have mythology, galaxies, and a post-apocalyptic world. But, all of them share one thing: action. You’ll have hours of fast-paced fun and perils among the three titles.

So, what are we getting?

The leak (and confirmation) of the upcoming PlayStation Plus Essential December games

On November 29th, a famous French leaker website revealed the list of games for December. The website reported that the new games would come out on December 6th. And, they would remain available until January 3rd.

The largest release is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It’s the compilation of Commander Shepard’s trilogy. It doesn’t remake the games, though. The studio offers players an improved version of the games.

The other title is Biomutant. It features a huge map with lots to do. But, some gamers felt that it focused on quantity over quality. Divine Knockout, on the other hand, is a 3D platformer.

Today, November 30th, PlayStation confirmed the entire PlayStation Plus Essential December leak. That includes the release date. But, the games will be available for one day less, until January 2nd. Also, that means you have until December 5th to claim November’s games.

Divine Knockout: Founder’s Edition arriving for PS4 and PS5

divine knockout in playstation plus Divine Knockout brings classic 3D platforming, fighting, and divine Mythology together. (Image Credit: PlayStation)

Releasing on December 6th, Divine Knockout brings 2D fighting to a new dimension. It’s a multiplayer brawler with a Smash Bros approach. You must damage enemies to make them vulnerable. Then, you knock them out of the arena.

Each arena has unique features and mechanics. Players will have to adapt to different environments to win. The same goes for the characters. Each deity has different abilities. Thor has his Mjölnir, and King Arthur has his Excalibur. Knowing your god’s strengths is key.

Luckily, you can learn at your own pace. Divine Knockout features different game modes: 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1. 3v3 battles also feature traditional Knockout and King of the Hill.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition for PS4 joins PlayStation Plus Essential in December

Mass effect in playstation plus essential december Tackle the beloved trilogy in its modernized iteration. (Image credit: EA)

There’s little to say here if you already played the original trilogy. In that case, you already know what the games have to offer. But, this addition to PlayStation Plus Essential in December shakes things up.

You’ll have access to Shepard’s whole story in a single package. Plus, it features upgraded graphics for all games. Players have access to the original base content. Then, add over 40 DLC from the three main Mass Effect releases. Everything is optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

Story DLC includes Bring Down The Sky, Normandy Crash Site, and Genesis 1 and 2. You also have access to added weapons and armor. Those include the Cerberus, Collectors, and Terminus weapons and armor. Finally, the Equalizer, Aegis, and Firepower packs are some of the added packs.

Biomutant brings more action for PS4 and PS5 owners

Biomutant in playstation plus Fight, shoot, and use mutant abilities in this open-world RPG. (Image credit: THQ Nordic)

Lastly, we have Biomutant. This open-world, post-apocalyptic RPG employs a unique martial arts combat system. And, you get to mix it with guns and mutant abilities.

The game evolves third-person combat with full movement freedom. You can combo your weapons, abilities, and melee attacks freely. Moreover, your gameplay keeps evolving by meeting new masters. Players can even re-code their genetic structure!

The huge open world will also change your character. Exposure to bio-contamination and radioactivity can mutate the character. That unlocks new abilities.

The game tops it off with an unusual story. You’ll also have an entire crafting and gear system. So, there are lots to do here!

Featured Image Credit: PlayStation.



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