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BOTW 2 Game Possible Champions

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BY October 6, 2022

Poor Zelda fans. They’ve been waiting for Nintendo to finally release the Breath of the Wild sequel for a very long time. The original game came out in 2017, and the team have been hard at work since then on the sequel. Originally, at E3 2021, Nintendo showed off a trailer, gameplay details, and story elements. They also indicated that they would release the game in 2022. Unfortunately, in March 2022, the game company announced that the BOTW 2 game was delayed to Q1-Q2 of 2023. Sad times!

However, during the time between the original game and the BOTW sequel, Nintendo released another Zelda game for the Nintendo Switch. It’s named Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and acts as a prequel to the original Breath of the Wild game. This game features a few of the characters from the series and is much more action based. Many of the locations from the game returned, along with some new places and faces. Many fans speculate that we might see some of these characters return in the BOTW 2 game. Here are our thoughts.

BOTW 2 Game

BOTW Sequel Game Image: Nintendo

Initially, the E3 2021 trailer for the BOTW 2 game didn’t reveal much information. This was deliberate, as Nintendo has said they want to keep the major details under wraps for now. What we did see was some more exploration in the skies, suggesting that we won’t be limited to the dungeons for the game. In the footage, we saw Link paragliding in the clouds with references to Skyward Sword as he used some kind of freefall mechanic.

Additionally, Nintendo also showed us a glimpse of a puddle in reverse. It’s an odd choice of thing to show. Perhaps the BOTW 2 game will feature a time travel mechanic or the ability to transform the world around you in new ways. As well as this, we saw what looked to be the resurrection of Ganondorf while Link and Zelda walked around a dungeon.

Whatever the BOTW 2 game is about, it’s likely that it’ll retain aspects of the original game that made it so well-loved. Namely, there’s the ability to explore the open world and for fans to work their way through their adventures. Unlike some other Zelda titles, players have no linear path to follow, and they can choose the exact order of when to do things – or not do them!

In the Breath of the Wild version of Hyrule, Link had to travel to four separate locations to help reawaken the Champions. By reawakening these Champions, Link could defeat the Great Calamity and save Hyrule again. Interestingly, there are four characters from Hyrule Warriors who could be a replacement for the champions in the BOTW 2 game. These characters were Sidon, Riju, Yunobo, and Teba. Perhaps we’ll see them in Breath of the Wild 2!

Breath of the Wild 2 Champions

BOTW Sequel Game Image: Nintendo

The first champion we might see in the BOTW 2 game is Sidon. He is a Zora Prince who is initially very charming to Link. Sidon’s main aim is to defeat Vah Ruta to help commemorate the loss of his sister, Mipha. Interestingly, Sidon takes a similar role in Hyrule Warriors, where he declares he won’t “let take her again.” Perhaps we’ll see Sidon return in the sequel to defend his sister, maybe even attempt to bring her back from the dead.

Another possibility is Riju, one of the Gerudo chiefs. Riju is from the Gerudo Desert, and she helps Link when he fights Vah Nabors. Additionally, she has special powers that allow her to surf the sand, which forms parts of her arsenal for Age of Calamity. She even works with Link to take back the Thunder Helm in the original game. As such, we could see her return in the BOTW 2 game to help us learn more about how the Yiga Clan evolved.

Unlike the other warriors, Yunobo is a frightened, young Goron who seems far from a fighter at the start. After working alongside Link to destroy Vah Rudania, Yunobo becomes more confident in himself. This later develops in Age of Calamity, where he uses his defence as an offensive strategy. Maybe the BOTW 2 game will focus even more on him building up his confidence and defeating enemies.

The last possibility is Teba, who is a Rito Warrior. In contrast to the others, Teba doesn’t have much to say in Breath of the Wild and mostly just helps Link fight Vah Medoh. As such, if Teba returns for the BOTW 2 game, it could give his character some much-needed backstory and development.


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