Persona Nintendo Switch Port Confirmed?
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Persona Nintendo Switch Port Confirmed?

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BY October 5, 2022
It seems that anyone hoping for a Persona Nintendo Switch port is all out of luck. Fans of the video game franchise were thrilled yesterday when Sega confirmed that ports of the game were coming. It felt almost inevitable that these were coming, and it seemed like every console was getting a port. All except the Nintendo Switch that is! But, a reliable leaker has suggested that a port for the Switch is indeed coming, just not quite yet.

Persona Port for Consoles

Persona Nintendo Switch Image: Atlus/Sega

Previously, the games Persona 3 PortablePersona 5 Royal, and Persona 4 Golden were available only on PlayStation devices. Anyone with an XBOX or PC was sadly out of luck – until now. Sega announced a few days ago that they would be releasing some of these ports to Microsoft devices. Naturally, this is pretty good news since Atlus locked Persona 3 Portable away on the underrated PSP. 
Additionally, the team also announced that Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden would be available on PS5. For now, Persona 5 Royal is going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, but fans of XBOX and PC can still play it. Anyone with a PS4 is out of luck, but not as bad as any Nintendo fans. The only Persona Nintendo Switch game available to them is Persona Strikers 5 Strikers from 2020!
It does seem a little odd that the Switch has been so neglected in terms of the Persona franchise. After all, the third title – Persona 3 Portable – was released exclusively on the PSP. This was also a portable device, hence the name, so it makes total sense for Sega to create a Persona Nintendo Switch port. It would allow them to utilise the game’s and console’s portable nature fully. Sadly, fans are all out of luck at the moment.

Persona Nintendo Switch Rumors

Persona Nintendo Switch Image: Atlus/Sega

Or are they? According to an insider on Twitter named Zippo, fans of the Persona series have a reason to celebrate. Zippo suggested that Persona Nintendo Switch ports will be coming – and not just one of them. Zippo said that both Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 would soon be arriving on the console. 
As we mentioned above, this makes total sense for Sega to do this. If this rumour ends up being true, it’s likely that we will see Persona 4 Golden on Nintendo Switch. This version was originally developed for PS Vita, so a Switch version will probably run in a similar way.
Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for anyone hoping for other Persona Nintendo Switch ports. According to Zippo, they haven’t heard anything about Persona 5 coming to the Nintendo Switch. We wouldn’t hold out hope for this one to come anytime soon. Mostly, this is because the game was first released on PS4 and PS5. Sadly, the Nintendo Switch just isn’t up to the hardware standards of these two consoles, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see it come unless it’s with significant downgrades.
Outside of the Nintendo Switch, there are also plenty of rumours about further games in the Persona series. One of these major speculation pieces is about another franchise spinoff. Allegedly, Akechi will be the main character of the spinoff, and players will get to see him “on his adventures and skills as a star detective.” If this is true, this title will be very different to the others in the series. Let’s hope this one makes another Persona Nintendo Switch port!

Nintendo Direct June 2022 and Persona

Persona Nintendo Switch Image: Atlus/Sega

Additionally, Zippo made it clear that there is no word on the exact dates of these pots. However, it does appear that Nintendo might have a Nintendo Direct at the end of this month. As such, this would be the perfect time to announce Persona Nintendo Switch ports because it would give these titles a lot of attention. Plus, it would stop the other Persona port news from overshadowing this possible Nintendo news.
What do you think? Do you believe the rumours, or are you a little more sceptical about the news? Will you play the Persona Nintendo Switch ports if they do come? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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