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The Flash Season 8 Finale Teases Huge Return

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BY June 16, 2022
Yesterday, the CW released the trailer for The Flash Season 8 finale. It appears to hint that a huge character will return for it. Here’s everything we know and what we’re speculating about this new episode. If you don’t want to be spoiled for episode 18 or the upcoming finale, then look away now!

The Flash Season 8 Storyline

The Flash Season 8 Finale Image: The CW/DC Comics

As usual for the series, The Flash Season 8 finale is a two-part episode. In the latest episode of the series, titled “The Man in the Yellow Tie,” we mostly saw Grant Gustin‘s character Barry Allen. They showed very little of Iris Allen, played by Candice Patton.

The main reason is that Iris has a mysterious “time sickness.” Iris contracted the sickness earlier in the season, which made her vanish. Usually, Iris disappears only for a short period, but this latest disappearance has been her longest. So, we can guess that the CW is planning to look at this storyline a little more in The Flash Season 8 finale.

Additionally, we saw Barry Allen trying to train one of the newest recruits, known as Fast Track, or her real name Meena Dhawan. Kausar Mohammed plays the role of this ingenious doctor and author. Originally, Meena used her scientific skills to develop her own speedster abilities, although these only lasted for a very short period.

When Meena practised using these abilities, she accidentally started a fire, and Barry caught her trying to put it out. However, unlike some of the other characters, Meena was genuinely apologetic for the issues she’d caused, and Barry promised to help train her to prevent them from happening again.

The Flash Eobard Thawne Returns

The Flash Season 8 Finale Image: The CW/DC Comics

In the same episode, we also saw Eobard Thawne, known as Reverse-Flash, return to the series. It seems that his return is setting things up for The Flash Season 8 finalePreviously, Eobard, who Matt Letscher plays, was a pretty evil character. He caused many problems for Barry Allen, mainly from his competitiveness with the Flash.

In the latest episode, Eobard appears to have forgotten all about his troublesome path and is a much better character. However, we feel that this moral version of Eobard won’t last for long. In fact, judging by the trailer for The Flash Season 8 finale, we feel that he will have a big part to play in some of the problems next week.

The first part of The Flash finale, named”Negative: Part One,” comes out on June 22nd. The CW dropped the trailer for it shortly after airing “The Man in the Yellow Tie” – and what an episode it was! In the trailer, we saw multiple versions of Eobard zooming around. That can only ever spell trouble, especially since we also saw one of them got some additional powers. In the trailer, we also see that Meena officially steps into the role of a superhero. The Flash finally gives Meena her Fast Track costume!

The Flash Iris Time Sickness

The Flash Season 8 Finale Image: The CW/DC Comics

On top of that reveal, it also seems that Iris is set to return for The Flash Season 8 finale. The CW deliberately made it vague where the character has been. So, we can guess that there will be plenty of questions on her return.

As we said earlier, Iris has been plagued with time sickness for a few episodes. During the trailer for The Flash Season 8 finale, the CW hinted they would reveal some of the secrets of this. Additionally, Eric Wallace, the showrunner for The Flash, teased that something will eventually cure her time sickness during the finale. We’re excited to see more details about the sickness, including the cause and what happened to her when she vanished.However, it’s not all roses for Iris. So far in The Flash season 8, we’ve seen a mysterious villain pulling the strings and causing mayhem. Wallace promised that during the finale, we’d learn how this unknown assailant is connected to Iris. This is sure to cause plenty of issues. The trailer for The Flash Season 8 finale hints about who this could be, although it could be a red herring. The blame falls on Christian Magby’s character, Deon Owens.

Clearly, the CW is setting up many things for The Flash Season 8 finale, and we can expect these to continue into season 9.

You can catch the next episode on June 22nd, with season 9 releasing in 2023.

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