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Diablo IV Secret Ending, Maybe Hiding More Than You Think

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BY June 27, 2023

Diablo 4 was released only about three weeks ago. Yet, players are already discovering secrets and forming theories. A recent discovery spurred hypotheses about the game’s future. So, what’s Diablo IV’s secret ending? What does it have to do with anything?

Well, a YouTuber by the name AnActualSadTaco published “Secret Diablo 4 post-credit scene?” In the video, we can see an ominous image of a demon. And, fans quickly chimed in, trying to figure out its meaning.

Some say it suggests the upcoming DLC’s story. Others say it’s a tease of upcoming antagonists. Of course, it’s too soon to say who’s right. But, it’s a great way to wait for Elder Scrolls 6 or Activision’s next game.

So, what do we have here?

The Diablo IV secret ending summarized

Diablo IV has a bunch of post-credit scenes after you defeat the final boss. I know everyone reading this probably already know who it is. But, I won’t spoil it, just in case. The game has four scenes in total.

All the post-credit scenes show a horned demon. Most fans agree it’s Mephisto, teasing its comeback. That said, the fourth scene is a bit different. Whereas all scenes are a second-long, this one’s longer.

Now, it’s not considerably longer. At most, it lasts two or three seconds. But, it shows a horned demon menacingly looking at the camera. And, that’s the one that’s made fans go crazy.

Of course, you can watch it above.

The many theories born from Diablo IV’s secret ending

lucion from diablo books I mean… It does kind of look like him, doesn’t he? (Image credit: Diablo Wiki | Fandom)

Now, let me open up by giving you my take. The last demon kind of looks the same as the others. Granted, I’m not a Diablo expert. But, the only difference I see is some bone-like structures on the horns. Other than that, Diablo IV’s secret ending looks like the others.

However, most fans don’t think that way. Let’s break down those theories. Naturally, POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD. There, I warned you. Let’s get started.

The first theory is that the demon is Lucion, Mephisto’s son. You can see him above and spot the similarities. However, the horns are a bit different. And, the demon seems to lack his antennae. 

People have said that if it’s Lucion, it might shed light on upcoming DLC. With Lilith gone, the upcoming expansions might focus on Mephisto and Lucion. Although, others say it’s Mephisto, and “the eyes” suggest it.

Naturally, other theories have come up as well. Some say it’s Inarius coming back for revenge. Others say the demon looks trapped, foreshadowing Mephisto’s current state. Other users believe it might be Diablo or Belial.

Still, most think it’s Lucion. But, the book Birthright somewhat implies his demise. Therefore, we might be in for a surprise.

How to unlock this last secret ending in Diablo IV

picture before diablo iv secret ending “Wait a bit after this image” is as far as I can personally take you. (Image credit: AnActualSadTaco)

Achieving the secret ending for Diablo IV is complicated. No one really knows what triggers it. Additionally, players have gotten it with different methods. But, most people agree on one thing. You have to finish the campaign a second time.

AnActualSadTaco, who shared the video, got it that way. He completed the campaign with a different character the second time. Nevertheless, some said they got it after completing Diablo IV for the first time.

There’s also some debate about how you should complete the game. As mentioned, one theory is that you need a second character. Others say you must do it solo. Yet, some people got the ending after helping friends beat the game.

Summarized, no one is 100% sure how you unlock it. My tip is to watch the full credits after finishing the campaign.


Featured Image Credit: AnActualSadTaco.



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