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Alone in the Dark Reboot Coming in October

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BY May 26, 2023

Alright, folks, here’s the scoop. The wait for the much-anticipated Alone in the Dark reboot is almost over! Yup, you read that right. THQ Nordic, the folks behind this thrill-packed reboot, has set October 25 as D-day. And guess what? There’s a free demo up for grabs right this second.

Seriously, if you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, or PC user, consider yourself lucky. Since you can dive headfirst into the tantalizing prologue of the Alone in the Dark reboot right now! And the best part? It’s a spoiler-free treat, giving you a taste of what’s to come without ruining the main story’s surprises.

Now, for the juicy part. Our little prologue presents us with a young Grace Saunders, just 11 years old. Imagine her embarking on a harmless errand that spirals into chaos. I can already hear your heart pounding.

Adding to the hype, the publisher dropped a bombshell. For the fans of Stranger Things and Killing Eve out there, brace yourselves! David Harbour and Jodie Comer join the fray as dual protagonists Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood. How cool is that?

Moreover, you can tread your way through the story as either character. Also, THQ Nordic guarantees each character will spin a unique twist on the shared narrative.

Now, diving into the Alone in the Dark reboot promises to take us back to Derceto Manor. It’s a throwback to the beloved 90s horror game classic, meticulously reimagined. Picture a noir setting rooted in the 1920s gothic American South. It’s a chilling blend of classical Lovecraftian horror, where the familiar tangos with the surreal.

When is the Alone in the Dark reboot release date?

Remember, THQ Nordic initially broke the news about the Alone in the Dark reboot back in August 2022. Since then, they’ve been playing coy, dropping off the radar, and maintaining a peaceful silence. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now, announcing the release date and the captivating prologue.

This news gives us hope. Plus, the game’s first preview of the game suggests the reboot will be a fresh and exhilarating spin on a beloved horror gaming classic.

Of course, the history of Alone in the Dark is as compelling as the game itself. Back in the day, we’re talking about the 1990s. It was the trailblazer in the survival horror genre. It was a cult classic that inspired a whole generation of gaming.

Previously, Infogrames released the original Alone in the Dark, a pioneering force, in 1992. It served as an inspiration for the behemoth Resident Evil series and countless other horror games. Set in the eerie Derceto Manor, our original hero, Edward Carnby, fought against supernatural forces to unravel the mansion’s terrifying secrets.

Then, fast forward to when we saw the Alone in the Dark franchise expanding to a trilogy by 1994. Each sequel added new layers to the story, introducing more menacing creatures and perplexing mysteries. The series was notorious for its challenging gameplay, blending action, adventure, and puzzle-solving elements. The Alone in the Dark reboot has much to live up to.

Later, the franchise had its ups and downs, with several reboots and spin-offs of varying success. Indeed, the 2008 reboot, for instance, tried to modernize the formula but received mixed reviews from fans and critics alike.

THQ Game Franchise

Alone in the Dark Reboot Image: THQ Nordic

Now, with this new Alone in the Dark reboot, THQ Nordic seems determined to bring back the series to its former glory. Besides, the return to Derceto Manor and the choice to include two protagonists, paying homage to the original series, shows promise. It feels like a love letter to the original games while pushing the envelope for the survival horror genre.

So, folks, the clock’s ticking. The Alone in the Dark reboot is closer than ever. Grab the free demo now and get a sneak peek into the action. October 25 isn’t that far off, after all! Here’s to a bone-chilling, nerve-racking, heart-stopping experience with this game. I can’t wait, can you?


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