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Undead Unluck Cour 2 Release Date Revealed

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BY March 17, 2024

During the Jump Festa 2024, many popular anime franchises dropped major updates about the series. This includes Undead Unluck. After a short wait between installments, we finally have the Undead Unluck cour 2 release date. Read on to find out more about the second part of season 1.

Undead Unluck Cour 2 Details

The latest trailer for Undead Unluck is a vibrant and fast-paced showcase of the series’ action-packed and unpredictable world. It immediately immerses viewers in the chaos and excitement that Fuuko’s encounter with Andy brings. 

Based on this trailer, Undead Unluck promises to be a thrilling blend of action and comedy. Unlike slower-paced series like My Hero Academia, Undead Unluck throws viewers into the deep end from the start, reminiscent of the subversive shonen series Chainsaw Man.

The Jump Festa 2024 brought us the official Undead Unluck cour 2 trailer. Moreover, Studio David Production, known for Fire Force and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is handling the animation. Check out the latest trailer below.

The team behind the Undead Unluck anime includes Yuki Yase as the director, Hideyuki Morioka as the character designer, and Kenichiro Suehiro as the music composer. UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS is producing the anime, which is an adaptation of Yoshifumi Tozuka’s manga. The Undead Unluck anime made its debut on October 6th, while Cour 2 is coming on December 22nd, 2023. 

What is Undead Unluck About?

Initially, Undead Unluck introduces Fuuko Izumo, an 18-year-old Japanese girl who has lost all hope in life. However, the sudden arrival of a strong man with an unusual object stuck in his forehead quickly overshadows her sad story. This unnamed man wants to break free from his immortality and put an end to his monotonous existence. 

While this premise may seem dark and serious in the hands of another, Undead Unluck manages to infuse humor into the concept of death, creating a wacky and action-packed shonen experience. Fuuko and her newfound companion, whom she affectionately calls Andy, are both Negators. They possess supernatural abilities that allow them to defy the rules of the world. 

Fuuko can manipulate luck through physical contact, while Andy can defy death, leading to his unwanted immortality. Together, they embark on a twisted journey to fulfill their desires and discover the interconnectedness of the world’s rules.

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