Akira Toriyama Cause of Death Revealed In A Family Statement
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Akira Toriyama Cause Of Death: What Happened To The Creator Of Dragon Ball?

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BY March 8, 2024

The manga community is grieving the loss of this talented author, who passed away at the age of 68, as officially announced today on the Dragon Ball website in English. The statement reveals that the mangaka passed away on March 1, but his family has requested that the information be kept confidential until today. We have also learned the cause of the death of Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama was the mastermind behind mangas like Dr. Slump, Wonder Island, Pola & Roid, and Mad Matic. However, the Dragon Ball manga propelled him to global recognition. This iconic work was later adapted into an anime, producing numerous sequels and OVAs.

Akira Toriyama’s Cause of Death Revealed

As per the official statement, Akira Toriyama cause of death was attributed to a subdural hematoma. This condition is characterized by the accumulation of blood beneath the skull and on the brain’s surface. This condition is typically a result of brain trauma, and its primary treatment involves a craniotomy.

The announcement notes that Toriyama left behind a substantial body of ongoing work. However, his enduring legacy includes a vast collection of manga titles and artwork that has garnered him a devoted global fan base.

Akira Toriyama’s Amazing and Longlasting Career

The document further expresses gratitude, stating, “Thanks to the support of numerous individuals worldwide, he has sustained his creative pursuits for over 45 years. We aspire for Akira Toriyama’s distinctive artistic universe to continue captivating audiences for an extended period.”

He began his career in 1978, at the age of 23, debuting with his first paid job. This was the one-shot Wonder Island published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Although the initial work and its sequel, Wonder Island 2, did not achieve the expected success. However, Toriyama succeeded with Dr. Slump, a series serialized in the same magazine from 1980 to 1984.

The kung fu movies and the animation of his editor, Kazuhiko Torishima, led the mangaka to enter the shonen genre. This was thanks to his first creation, Dragon Boy, which his editor published in Fresh Jump from August to October 1983.

The story’s good reception paved the way for the birth of the iconic Dragon Ball series in 1984, which catapulted Toriyama to fame. The stories of Son Goku and his companions have reached a worldwide audience. In addition, Toriyama published them in 40 countries and translated them into numerous languages.

The Last Farewell to Dragon Ball Author

The release details that the creator’s funeral was an intimate affair. In addition, following Toriyama’s expressed wishes, only immediate family and close friends attended.

In light of this, the document requests fans to respect the privacy of the occasion by refraining from visiting. They sent condolences, flowers, or offerings. Bird Studio and Capsule Corporation Tokyo, the document’s signatories, also urged fans not to seek interviews with Toriyama’s family.

The release mentions that his family has not yet finalized plans for future memorial gatherings. The family will update fans when they have more details about Akira Toriyama cause of death. The document concludes by expressing deep gratitude for fans’ ongoing understanding and support.

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