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Reservation Dogs Renewed for Season 2

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BY February 11, 2022

With the first season almost over, you might be wondering about the future of one of FX’s newest shows. Well, it’s a good day to be Indigenous, because FX renewed Reservation Dogs for a second season. If you haven’t caught the show yet, then you should know that its renewal comes as no surprise. Critics and audiences alike have showered the Indigenous-focused series with praise. But that’s not the ony feedback it’s gotten.

What You’ve Missed So Far

reservation dogs renewed for season 2 image via FX on Hulu

Don’t worry–I’m not going to spoil all the episodes up until now. If you’d like to get a better idea of the show, though, then you can read my piece on the Reservation Dogs series premiere. But if you’d just like a quick summary, then here you go. Paulina Alexis, Devery Jacobs, Lane Factory, and D’Pharoah Woon-A-Tai star as four Native teens living in rural Oklahoma. (They film the series on location in Okmulgee.)

Although the show doesn’t specify to what Indigenous nation the kids belong, characters have exchanged dialogue in both Tsalagi (Cherokee) and Mvskoke (Muscogee/Creek). Just like people I know? YES, just like people I know!

Anyway, the kids lost Daniel, the fifth member of their squad, about a year before the show begins. In his memory, they decide to raise enough money to move to California, which was his dream. And by raise money, I mean that they do wholesome things like selling food. Oh, and they also steal. So yeah, they’re not perfect kids, but they don’t have to be. Just seeing a realistic portrayal of Native youth is groundbreaking, as sad as that it is.

Reservation Dogs Renewed, Can Address Concerns

reservation dogs renewed for season 2 image via FX on Hulu

This week on Native Twitter, there’s been a lot of discourse about the show. In particular, there’s been a lot of talk regarding the absence of Black characters. (Sorry we ain’t talking about John Mulaney’s impending fatherhood or whatever.) There’s been some controversy over even having this discussion. Some people wonder why Reservation Dogs is the focus of this criticism. But it seems pretty clear to me.

Given the area in which the show is set, it is puzzling that there are no Black Native characters. And given the history of Civilized Tribes and their interactions with Black people, including Freedmen, it’s also troubling. In any case, it’s not picking on the show to point out stuff like this. People are mentioning it because they care about the show and they want it to be the best it can be. The creators behind the series should worry more about people not discussing their work.

Anyway, the bottom line for me is that Reservation Dogs has been a breath of fresh air. It’s incredible to get to see people who talk like you and look like your family if you’ve never seen it before. But I also think Black Natives deserve to feel that feeling, too, and I hope they get that in the second season.

But what do you think? Tell us on our social media or in these comments.

New episodes of Reservation Dogs drop on Hulu on Mondays.

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