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LOST TV Series Creator Talks About Show

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BY October 4, 2022
It might have been over a decade since it ended The Lost TV series, but that hasn’t stopped fans from analysing the LOST TV series to death! Since the show started in 2004, it has been a major hit worldwide. Originally, the show was about a group of individuals who had survived a plane crash together. However, as the plot developed, it soon became clear that there was more to the island than they thought. After a bunch of developments and twists, the show ended in 2010, running for six seasons.
Some fans loved the ending, whereas others found it to be disappointing. However, it’s hard to overstate the impact that the LOST TV series had on television. After all, the show invented the plot arc known as a “mystery box.” Many different TV series have adopted this approach as part of the way they tell stories. Naturally, however, this leads to fans creating a whole bunch of theories to explain what happened. Eventually, this leads to some of them being disappointed when the storyline doesn’t go as they thought. Recently, one of the co-creators of the series, Damon Lindelof, spoke about his time on the LOST TV series. He discussed some of the behind-the-scenes details and his thoughts on fan theories.

LOST TV series theory

LOST TV series Image: ABC

Naturally, many TV creators feel happy when fans create theories about the show. After all, it demonstrates how much they enjoy and want to learn more about it! However, these theories can ultimately lead to problems, as Lindelof explained. He spoke about the challenges of trying to follow their plan for the LOST TV series while simultaneously trying to keep fans happy.

One of the things that I was fascinated by…was that one of the two questions that we got asked most often was “Are you making it up as you go along?” And the fans wanted the answer to that question to be “Absolutely not. We have a plan. We are executing that plan and understanding that not everything is going to work, but we’re sticking to the plan.” The second question that they asked most often was “What input do we have as fans?” … Here’s the thing: They want the answer to be “We listen to everything that you say, and it affects the outcome of what we write.” But then that would suggest that we don’t have a plan and everything that we’re doing is like the band that finishes a song and asks, “What do you want us to play next?” But we have a set list, so you can’t win.

Clearly, it was a bit of a challenge trying to keep these two conflicting ideas together for the LOST TV series. However, Lindelof also explained that he enjoyed his time on the show. In fact, he called the series “rarefied, special air.” He also said that he “wouldn’t trade it for the world,” despite worrying that some fans would “hate” certain aspects.

Indeed, the show was rather special. There hasn’t been one like it since!

Damen Lindelof Behind the Scenes

LOST TV series Image: ABC

Originally, the first three seasons of the LOST TV series had 22 episodes, which was pretty standard for television at the time. However, when season 4 swung around, ABC reduced this count to 13 episodes. This was a smart move, as it predicted the future of TV drama seasons. Additionally, it gave the writers the ability to write to a tighter plot instead of needlessly expanding with filler episodes. After all, we all remember how the episode explaining Jack’s tattoos went!

However, Lindelof also spoke about how ABC initially bungled his plans for the series. With a show as successful as the LOST TV series, ABC was keen to keep it running for longer. When the show first started, they were concerned about how to maintain interest. Lindelof said:

“Well, it seemed impossible at the time. At the time that Lost started, the primary critique of the pilot was “How are you going to keep this up?” The show’s called Lost, so they kind of have to stay that way. Are you going to run into theGilligan’s Island problem where the audience starts to get frustrated?

And my response to that always was like, “You are right. So let’s design a finite beginning, middle, and end.” ” It was such a ratings hit that it became clear to me instantly that all conversations about ending the show would be over. I said, “Hey, guys, we can’t keep this up forever,” and that’s when ABC said, “Oh, we were thinking more like ten seasons.” The compromise ended up being six, but I personally wish that we could have done it in four.”

Clearly, that was the right decision for the LOST TV series. The writers delivered a finale that is still loved and talked about by fans today.

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