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Avatar Video Game Title and Release Date

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BY October 4, 2022

Things are getting pretty exciting in Avatar: The Last Airbender! Recently, insiders confirmed that a series of films are coming out, and they’ll be based on iconic characters from the franchise. One of these films will focus on Korra’s character, one about Kyushu, and one about Zuko. Then there’s also the live-action series that Netflix is creating. Now, we’ve got some more exciting news – an Avatar video game is coming too!

For this game, Square Enix London Mobile and Paramount Consumer Products are teaming together to release the game. It will be an RPG game, and fans won’t have long to wait. In fact, Square Enix confirmed that they’ll be soft-launching the Avatar video game in some territories later this month. Additionally, they confirmed the game’s name – Avatar Generations. How exciting!

Avatar Video Game News

Avatar Video Game Image: Square Enix

Unfortunately, Square Enix didn’t reveal much about the Avatar video game. However, what we do know is that it’s coming to mobile, specifically Android and iOS systems. Square Enix also confirmed that the game would be free-to-play, following the model of many other tie-in games from big franchises. Additionally, the team also mentioned that the first countries to receive the game would be South Africa, Canada, Sweden, and Denmark. The exact release date is unclear, but Square Enix did say it’ll be coming in August.

As part of this soft launch, fans will get access to the first chapter of the game. However, you’ll have to wait until Square Enix releases the game everywhere to play the full game. As part of the first chapter, fans will get to play alongside some of the most iconic characters from the series. These include Zuko, Suki, Katara, Toph, Sokka – and, of course, Aang! Also, Square Enix stated that in later chapters of the Avatar video game, fans would also see other familiar faces. This will include Korra from The Legend of Korra and Roku and Kyushu from the original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Although they didn’t reveal a whole lot about the plot, we do know that Square Enix is working with Navigator Games for the Avatar video game. Navigator Games has worked on many turn-based RPGs, including Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. As such, it’s pretty clear that the game will be turn-based. As part of the press release, Square Enix has mentioned “epic squad-based battles and unique adventure sequences, underpinned by deep upgrade and party customization systems.”

Square Enix Studio

Avatar Video Game Image: Square Enix

You can check out the press release for the Avatar video game below:


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