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Rick And Morty’s Jessica Gao To Write She-Hulk TV Series

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BY February 23, 2021

Jessica Gao, known for her work on shows like Silicon Valley and Rick and Morty, will head the writers’ room for the She-Hulk TV series coming to Disney+. In case you’re not familiar with Gao or with She-Hulk, here’s why it’s easy being green.

Jessica Gao Is An Experienced TV Writer

Jessica Gao She-Hulk TV series Image via Twitter

Gao got her start in children’s television, writing for Nickelodeon shows like Back at the Barnyard and The Mighty B. She made the switch to TV for grown-ups with shows like Robot Chicken and Silicon Valley. She did, though, continue to write for animated series. That includes shows like Rick and Morty, for which she won an Emmy for writing the classic episode “Pickle Rick.”

However, not everyone was happy that female writers joined the Rick and Morty staff. The female writers, including Gao, faced harassment. So, Gao and Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon co-hosted a podcast. Whiting Wongs, as it was called, billed itself as “an honest conversation about race and writing between two people who think very highly of themselves.”

Along with writing for other people’s shows, Gao created an untitled sitcom this year at ABC’s behest. Although they passed on the pilot, Gao’s representation is reportedly still shopping the series. Gao will also be the writer for an upcoming film based on the Sweet Valley High book series. Still, putting Jessica Gao at the head of the She-Hulk TV series suggests the series could lean more towards comedy than drama.

Okay, But Who’s She-Hulk And What’s Up With The She-Hulk TV Series?

Jessica Gao She-Hulk Tv series Image via Marvel

First, this is not an in-depth look at who the She-Hulk character is–this is a VERY basic biography. She began when the legendary Stan Lee created She-Hulk for Marvel, the last character he would make there. Born Jennifer Walters, the character is an attorney, Bruce Banner’s cousin and the daughter of the Los Angeles County sheriff. One day, a gangster shoots her and cousin Bruce is the closest person with Jennifer’s blood type. As this is the post-Hulk Bruce Banner, his blood is radioactive. The gangster’s goons try to kill her at the hospital, she gets mad, and as it turns out, they don’t like her when she’s mad. She continues being the She-Hulk, but her powers are at a slightly muted volume compared to her cousin. (Basically, she’s more like the Bruce-Hulk hybrid in Endgame, than the earlier Hulk.)

As for the She-Hulk TV series, it’s in its very early stages, so we don’t know what Jessica Gao plans for it. At this point, we only know that like Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk will later appear in the MCU. However, we can make at least one wild guess from Gao’s hiring, though. (Let’s do it–I love wild guessing!) And that is: as Gao is primarily a comedy writer, it seems likely that the series will hew closer to the funnier tone of her more recent comic appearances. Again, though, this is all baseless speculation (the best kind).

So will y’all be hulking out with the She-Hulk? Let us know below in the comments or come talk like a Hulk at us on social media.

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