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Alexander Skarsgard Cast as Randall Flagg in ‘The Stand’

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BY April 29, 2020

Bill Skarsgard is no longer the only member of his family to make his mark on the Stephen King oeuvre. On Wednesday, King himself appeared on The View to talk about new book The Institute and new movie It: Chapter Two. In addition, he also discussed roles in the upcoming CBS All Access adaptation of his book The Stand. However, he didn’t mention news regarding the villain of the story. We now know that Alexander Skarsgard has been cast as Randall Flagg.

What is Randall Flagg’s Role in The Stand?

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First, let’s start with the book itself. Published in 1978, The Stand is Stephen King’s longest novel, which is really saying something. (Fun fact: The original version, which is now available, is even longer!)

Now onto the plot. In a colossal whoopsy, a weaponized form of the flu is accidentally released in the United States. Unsurprisingly, as a result, many people die. In fact, most of the world’s population dies. There are small pockets of survivors, though, and the book is the story of how they try to go on living as a society. It would be a lot easier, however, if it weren’t for Randall Flagg.

Flagg, you see, is the bad guy , and he functions as a kind of Antichrist. In other words, he’s the ultimate personification of evil. He and his followers will clash with the folks who choose Mother Abagail, the antithesis of Flagg.

Other Casting Announcements for The Stand

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The news that Skarsgard has been cast as Randall Flagg is not the only casting news we have, though. As I said, King announced some others this week. They included Overlord‘s Jovan Adepo as singer-songwriter Larry Underwood, Daniel Sunjata as military person Cobb, and OITNB’s Brad William Henke as developmentally disabled but psychically gifted Tom Cullen. Owen Teague, who played Patrick Hockstetter in It: Chapter One, will appear in The Stand as restless teenager Harold Lauder.

These actors join James Marsden, who plays everyman Stu Redman, and Amber Heard, playing Nadine Cross. Odessa Young (Assassination Nation) and Henry Zaga (Trinkets) have also been cast. They play Frannie Goldsmith and Nick Andros, respectively. Finally, Whoopi Goldberg will be playing Flagg’s nemesis, Mother Abagail. She’s gonna look great for a centenarian.

The series, which will be out in 2020, will be written by Josh Boone and Ben Cavell. Boone is known best for directing The Fault in Our Stars, but he’s also written The New Mutants movie. Cavell, on the other hand, has written for a number of different TV shows, including 16 episodes of Justified. Stephen King will write the final episode of The Stand himself, however, and it will include a new ending.

Are y’all excited about the Skarsgardification of Stephen King works? Let us know in the comments and tell us what you thought of The Institute and how you’re fan-casting it.

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