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The Flash Cameos Are Angering Some Fans

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BY June 20, 2023

I haven’t watched it. But, I was pretty hyper for The Flash. So, imagine my surprise when I see people panning it. From critics to fans, the movie hasn’t been doing well. And, turns out that The Flash’s cameos are making people mad.

We already reported on George Clooney’s cameo. It was a neat wink at DC’s previous widescreen ventures. But, the same hasn’t been true for other cameos. This is another hit after the film’s box office crash. Then, add reviewers destroying the film. Yeah, it hasn’t been a good launch.

That said, let’s see what went wrong this time.

George Reeves is the main The Flash cameo to cause outrage

george reeves one of  the flash cameos Bringing back the first Superman surely was a great idea at first. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

In IGN’s coverage of the story, the main issue is obvious. Many of The Flash’s cameos are deceased actors. Some of the names include Christopher Reeve, Adam West, and George Reeves. The last one has riled up fans the most.

George Reeves was the first Superman on TV, back in 1950. However, the actor committed suicide 9 years later. The main reason given was career issues and stress stemming from that role. So, fans see it as forcing his memory back to the cause of his tragedy.

That comment summarizes everything. Christopher Reeves was another, smaller focus. He has been quoted as not liking sequels and recurring roles. Therefore, his cameo would contradict that belief.

Another common complaint was the poor quality of these cameos’ CGI.

The Flash adding as many cameos as possible

michael keaton as one of the flash cameos I bet absolutely no one cried about this cameo, though. (Image credit: Warner Bros. Pictures)

The movie is filled with cameos. That’s far from a mystery to anyone who knows about it. Even the trailer shows Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton. The latter dons his Batman suit again.

It’s easy to see why, too. Marvel’s venture into the multiverse has been a massive success. At least, that’s true for the Spider-Man side of things. Across the Spiderverse and No Way Home are masterpieces. Naturally, it’s a great chance for DC.

Even the director, Andy Muschietti, admits to this. They received total freedom to include the DC cameos they wanted. Muschietti even made a long list of characters he wanted to include. And, it was a considerable priority during development.

I wonder if the producers regret this decision.

Other fans’ response about The Flash cameos

twitter discussion about the flash cameos Sadly, the last comment is true for any fandom these days.

I like to understand all sides of any argument. It’s just the frustrated psychologist inside me. And, I really understand why the producers took this decision. Firstly, there’s massive potential in exploring the multiverse and connecting IPs. The Flash’s cameos are a huge step in that direction.

But, we also have nostalgia. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. That’s why Spiderman: No Way Home knocked it out of the park. Bringing back figures like Adam West would be even more powerful. And, it’s also a way to pay homage to DC’s history.

Not all fans are angry. Some have said that they enjoyed it. Others poke fun at how hard it is to please fans. Thus, not everyone hated the addition of these cameos. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them. Don’t feel guilty if that was the case for you.

I’ll make up my mind about them after seeing the movie, though. Regardless of my feelings, I won’t antagonize any of the sides. I promise you that.


Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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