The Flash Critic Reviews Destroy The Film, 4 Biggest Weaknesses
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The Flash Critic Reviews Destroy The Film, 4 Biggest Weaknesses

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BY June 12, 2023

It’s only a few days until Ezra Miller’s movie is finally in theaters, after so many postponements and changes in its development. Now, several critics had the opportunity to see the movie and contradicted James Gunn’s previous statements that The Flash is the best superhero production so far. As of today, The Flash has gathered 119 critic reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes website. On this platform, experts gave the film a score of 71% so far. Among the comments, several weak points stand out, 4 of which are quite notorious.

The Flash Worst 4 Critic Reviews

The Flash New Images Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Of all the reviews The Flash received on Rotten Tomatoes, the 4 that stand out the most in the experts’ comments are the following:

1. Supergirl’s Lack of Participation

One point that stands out frequently in the experts’ comments is the lack of presence of Sasha Calle’s heroine Supergirl. They commented that her appearances are few and her action is minimal, considering the marketing campaign they did around the Kryptonian. 

The Flash critic reviews did not question Sasha Calle’s portrayal of Supergirl, which they noted was great. In fact, the times she appeared, she shocked the movie specialists. However, she appeared so little that they could not satiate their hunger to see the character in action. They even added that the Kryptonian didn’t even have a complete arc.

2. The Flash Critic Reviews Highlight Poor CGI and VFX Effects

The Flash Movie Trailer 2 Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

CGI and VFX effects continue to bring studios headaches, and it seems that The Flash had a similar experience. Another of the big flaws in the movie is related precisely to the quality of the graphic effects that the movie has.

Some of the examples commented on by critics refer to the moments where the main character applies super speed, and everything around him seems to slow down. However, the effect is too evident, causing the desired illusion not to be present.

Another scene that was highly criticized was when the Scarlet speedster sails into a storm of babies, which look horrible. 

3. The same Multiverse story

If it is true that the multiversal theme is trending in the movie world after Spider-Man: No Way Home. The Flash critical reviews point out that this production does not bring anything new in this aspect. However, DC was the first to introduce this concept in superhero comics. One of the stories was the comic book Flashpoint, which has fans marveling. Yet, this Scarlet speedster Warner’s project on multiple dimensions was poor in comparison to the comic.

Experts noted that they wanted to see surprises about the multiverse theme in this new movie. However, they were disappointed because the plot of the multiple dimensions was too superficial.

4. Reliance on Old Characters

The Flash Michael Shannon Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The use of older characters such as General Zod and even Michael Keaton’s version of Batman was a nice touch at the time, seeing the original Bat that DC put on a movie screen again. This may appeal to those people who saw this version on the big screen or enjoyed it on television.

However, they commented that the impact that these characters had was not the desired one and that they only appeared without marking much relevance in the movie.

These 4 points make the experts think that the awaited DC production went from being a Gourmet steak to a fast food dish. The Flash critic reviews are butchering the movie, and it’s partly the fault of Warner Bros. The major spent almost two years stoking expectations for this movie, and the end result doesn’t live up to what critics expect. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 


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