Spider-Man: No Way Home Netflix Released Includes New Scenes
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Spider-Man: No Way Home Netflix Released Includes New Scenes

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BY February 26, 2023

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be available on Netflix with new unreleased scenes.

The movie starring Tom Holland and developed by Sony, was a resounding success, upon its release in 2021. Recently, this company decided to stream an extended version of this production. This one is 10 minutes longer with segments called “More Fun Stuff”.

Currently, some markets are including Spider-Man: No way Home to Netflix’s catalog. They decided to release some of these scenes to celebrate this event so that the public could enjoy them. In this one, we can see several of the villains and even other heroes who could participate in the next sequel of the arachnid.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Netflix Released Includes New Scenes

spider-man 4 Sony Pictures

Spider-Man: No Way Home Netflix India account released the deleted scenes from the movie on its Youtube channel. The first one they showed was a group of villains going up in an elevator along with the arachnid version of Tom Holland. A rather awkward situation, with villains such as Doctor Octopus, the Green Goblin, The Sandman and Electro.

Later seen as Holland’s Peter Parker’s sidekick, Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan, in an audience with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock. This scene features Murdock representing Happy is a case of lost technology, when the arachnid makes a video call to him.

On the phone we can see how they pass each villain to the apartment, along with the hero. We can see Happy nervous there, while his lawyer instructs him not to be nervous and to stop sweating. 

Murdock’s appearance and elimination of this scene make us think they want to link Daredevil with Spider-Man. This would not be so new, considering that they appeared together in the comics and animated series. In fact, both have an enemy in common, which could trigger their union.

Will Spider-Man and Daredevil Join Forces?

Daredevil in MCU Disney+

As we commented above, this appearance of Spider-Man: No Way Home Netflix version, makes us think that the arachnid and Daredevil could meet. They live in the same city and could have a villain in common, the Kingpin. The king of villains could appear and present problems to both heroes, who would unite to face him.

In this part it was first rumored that Daredevil would help Spider-Man. We must remember that the latter was left alone due to the events that happened in No Way Home, causing everyone to forget him. This included all the villains but also all the heroes and friends.

However, there is another theory: that Spider-Man would be the one to help Daredevil. This is because the actions would occur in the vicinity and even after the events of the series Daredevil: Born Again. In this series, Kingpin sinks Murdock’s reputation and drive him to madness, turning him into the shadow of his former self. There, the arachnid would appear to support the fearless man and help him recover.

It would be a great touch to see these two great heroes unite on the big screen for the first time. So far it has happened in the comics, for example, in Spectacular Spider-Man #110 and Daredevil 305-306. It also appeared in the animated series when the Kingpin tries to frame Peter Parker for a crime and Murdock is his defense attorney.

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