The Flash Cameo Is Revealed At The End Of The Movie
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The Flash’s Secret Cameo Is Revealed At The End Of The Movie

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BY June 19, 2023

Since the development of The Flash movie began on April 19, 2021, fans have speculated about a possible cameo. The film had several alternate endings due to administrative changes in the DC environment. First, it started as a film produced only by Warner, an element that changed after the merger between this company and Discovery.

After the merger, we have Walter Hamada’s departure from DC Studios’s direction and the incorporation of James Gunn and Peter Safran to this executive position. All this situation generated changes in the film, reshoots, exclusion of cameos and elimination of actors from the cast. 

The Classic Version of Batman Staged as a Cameo in The Flash

Henry Cavill The Flash Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

The final cameo of The Flash involves a version of Batman, not Ben Affleck’s or Michael Keaton’s, but George Clooney’s version that came out in 1997. In the final scene, we see Barry Allen returning to his timeline and initiating a call with Bruce Wayne. However, as they meet in a courtroom, Ezra Miller’s character discovers that he is not the version of the Dark Knight he expected to see. 

This would be a remarkable return of George Clooney to the character. Although only in his version of Bruce Wayne. It should be remembered that this version of Batman had disastrous box office results. The quality of the films Clooney starred in was quite low. Even the actor himself and the film’s director, Joel Schumacher, admitted.

Now Clooney has returned as Batman in The Flash in a cameo. However, according to comments from the producers, it was not so difficult. They pointed out that they first proposed the idea to Gunn, who accepted it. Subsequently, they spoke with the actor’s representative, who asked for a copy of the footage. Then, after they both saw it, they gave the go-ahead to appear in this production.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that Warner Bros. filmed this cameo 6 months ago. They did it when the movie was in post-production. They called Miller and Clooney to develop this cameo and place it in The Flash. Members of the production team claim that Clooney spoke with Miller throughout this process and gave him several tips to draw public attention away from him.

Cameos and Endings that were Removed from the Film

The Flash Justice League Image: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. hid this ending from the scene’s development until its release last Friday, June 16, 2023. They even edited the presentation of the film at Cinemacon so that viewers did not see Clooney’s face at the event, an element that caused a lot of expectations.

We already know the final cameo that Warner and DC left in The Flash movie. Yet, Warner Bros. discarded several during the production process. The first scenes that Warner Bros. eliminated were the ones that featured Henry Cavill as Superman and Gadot as Wonder Woman. Because the sequels of their characters were canceled, those versions do not fit with the plans of the directors of DC Studios.

Among other scenes that were not planned are the deaths of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl and Michael Keaton’s Batman. According to the comments, both characters would die after the Supergirl and Batgirl movies were cancelled. 

The end of The Flash is making waves not only for its surprising cameo but for the elimination of characters such as Sasha Calle. It was a movie that the previous DC board conceived to eliminate the Snyderverse and make way for a new universe. However, that directive no longer exists, resulting in a copy-paste movie failing at the box office. 

We will unlikely have a The Flash sequel despite this excellent cameo. Poor box office results and poor reviews, and Miller’s legal situation make this project impossible.

Batman is usually synonymous with box office success, and this film failed to do that, despite having three versions of the character. Let’s hope it serves as a definitive closure to the old DC Films phase and James Gunn’s new project gets off to a good start. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Pictures 


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