George Clooney Batman, See His Return In The Flash
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George Clooney In The Flash, See His Batman Return

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BY April 25, 2023

The Flash movie will feature old and contemporary characters from DC productions. We already know that we will have General Zod back on the scene, who will be the main villain to defeat in the plot. There is also the appearance of two versions of Batman, that of Ben Affleck and that of Michael Keaton. However, some rumors suggest that we will see a third Batman in The Flash, that of George Clooney. 

The actor portrayed this character in Batman & Robin (1997), culminating the story with the defeat of Doctor Freeze and Poison Ivy. A graphic designer has created an image of him that responds to how we might see the character today.

George Clooney In The Flash, See His Batman Return

George Clooney Batman Image:

This time, the artist offers us an image of George Clooney if he appeared in The Flash movie. In the fan art, we can see the character with Clooney’s current age, with the beard that the actor shows in his recent publications. However, the artist did not neglect the symbol he used and placed it as in the productions he did in 1997.

From what the image shows, the illustrator paid attention to details about George Clooney’s age, showing an updated version of his version of Batman. He also commented that the actor would not only appear in his Instagram post but there is a possibility that we might see him in The Flash movie itself.

This post is not a meaningless rumor, especially considering Ben Affleck’s comments on this topic in an interview. He said that he had heard that there was a possibility that George Clooney’s Batman would also appear in The Flash movie, although he said that the production did not confirm this. Affleck added that it didn’t mean he wouldn’t appear but didn’t have that information.

Neither Warner nor DC would comment on Clooney’s appearance in the film, though it would be great to have three versions of The Dark Knight on the big screen. Many also point to the appearance of Christian Bale’s Batman, though that possibility is even more remote. 

More Details About The Flash Just A Few Weeks Away From Release

The Flash Justice League Image: Warner Bros.

As for the confirmed details of The Flash movie, we have that two versions of Batman will appear (for the moment), Ben Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s Batman. We also know that the scarlet speedster will change the line of time and space when he tries to travel to the past to save his mother.

This will cause him to go to an alternate version, where he has no powers. In fact, he lives with his parents, and there are no heroes or the Justice League. This is a problem since General Zod comes to Earth to invade and search for a Kryptonian hidden on the planet. However, this one is not hidden but captive in a military station. In this situation, Barry Allen turns to Keaton’s Batman to rescue the alien.

To Barry’s surprise, it is not his fellow Justice League member Clark Kent, but Kara Zor El, the cousin of the Man of Steel. She must fight against herself and Zod. Kara, unlike Superman, did not have the opportunity to discover her powers, so she will have to undergo quick training to face the Kryptonian army.

It remains to be seen where we might frame George Clooney’s Batman in this context. This classic Dark Knight will likely appear as a cameo at the end of the film.

The film will be in theaters worldwide on June 16, 2023. Expectations are high, considering that DC director James Gunn said it was the best superhero movie he had seen in a long time.

What do you think about including George Clooney’s Batman in the cast of this The Flash? We’ll read you in the comments. 

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. / Warner Bros. Pictures 



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