Spider-Man Death: After 61 Years Marvel Discontinues Character
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Spider-Man’s Death: After 61 Years Marvel Discontinues Character

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BY June 26, 2023

Spider-Man’s death is near; the character began swinging his web in 1962 when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Peter Parker’s character. For 61 years, he saved New York City from the Green Goblin, Kingpin, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, and Shocker, among other villains. However, it seems that the story of this character will come to an end.

Despite the success of this version with Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield stars, we will see a change. The recent success of Miles Morales in the Spider-Verse saga could mean Spider-Man’s death, with Parker passing the baton. At least that’s what Marvel is planning in this instance, though it would have to be seen if it keeps the actor mentioned above versions or turns to the multiverse to make a change from.

Spider-Man Death: Miles Morales to Replace Peter Parker

Miles Morales New Movie Trailer Image: Sony

That Miles Morales will replace Peter Parker’s Spider-Man after his death is not entirely unreasonable. Besides, we’ve seen it in the past; in the first installment, the Green Goblin kills him, and Morales takes over. We already have a precedent that Marvel decided to replace the original version of the arachnid for the most current edition of this character.

For the moment, the decision is more in the comics than on the big screen, although it is not unreasonable that it could happen on the big screen. First, we must consider that the only actor who represents Peter Parker is Tom Holland, and he wishes to step away from the character and pass the baton, according to his own statements.

If we consider this point, plus the rumors that would indicate that Miles Morales would have his movie in live action, this gains more strength. According to this theory, after Tom Holland Spider-Man’s death, Morales would take over, just like in the movie. So the movie could not only go for the comics but also on the big screen.

However, Marvel will likely make a sort of transition to avoid a clash among fans. Especially those who grew up watching Peter Parker’s adventures. At least until the public settles on the idea of the new version, although that may not take that long.

A Globally Accepted Version of Spider-Man

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The Miles Morales version has a fairly high global acceptance, according to studies done by Marvel. Many viewers identify with this character, whose life seems to be closer and more current to the population of this era than the 1960s version of Parker.

It does not imply that Marvel has to resort to Spider-Man’s death to pass the baton to Miles Morales. In fact, any fan of this character should read Parker’s version before enjoying Morales’ to understand the transition better.

One important point they will likely explain in the last part of the Spider-Verse animated plot is what they will do with the Peter Parker versions. As we saw in Spider-Man Across Spider-Verse, there are many versions of this character, and they even made cameos of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s version in the movie. In the events in the last part of the trilogy, we may see Spider-Man’s death, introducing Miles Morales. However, this is a rather risky move. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is very popular in the live-action, and his death could anger the fans. It would also be necessary to find an actor to portray Miles Morales with the charisma to match. A misstep in this process could lead to the destruction of the character. 

For now, both characters remain in parallel as two alternate versions. However, switching to a full-on approach to the Morales version could be good for the character and for the brand. Marvel could succeed in renewing the Spider-Man character towards a more modern and contemporary style and with a different story than the one seen since the 60s.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios

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