Robert Pattinson's Batman Villain Revealed In Penguin Trailer
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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Universe: Initial Glimpse At Reimagined Gotham Character

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BY April 1, 2024

Before the project’s debut, there were indications that a prominent antagonist would undergo recasting for the forthcoming streaming series. The police arrested this antagonist, Salvatore Maroni, off-screen prior to the events of Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Furthermore, his arrest by corrupt law enforcement precipitated the fall of his criminal dominance and the rise of Carmine Falcone. Clancy Brown will take on the role in the upcoming series, and it looks like he will play a much bigger part this time. After all, Maroni’s role will be more dynamic.

First Glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s Batman Antagonist in The Penguin

The latest teaser for Max’s The Penguin showcased viewers’ initial glimpse of Clancy Brown’s reimagined crime lord, Salvatore Maroni. Maroni is fleetingly depicted seated opposite Colin Farrell’s Penguin within a jail setting.

The images of Robert Pattinson’s Batman villain do not provide much information. However, at the very least, the villain does look like a lot of fun. Previously, audiences had gotten a fleeting glimpse of the character through a single newspaper excerpt in The Batman. However, the film mentioned his name on several occasions.

The complete teaser can be viewed below, featuring Salvatore Maroni showcased for a brief moment at the 1:04 minute:

What Awaits Salvatore Maroni in The Penguin?

Despite his absence from the screen, Salvatore Maroni’s pivotal role behind the scenes in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman sets the stage for deeper exploration in this upcoming television adaptation.

The power vacuum resulting from his arrest sparked widespread chaos in Gotham City. It’s only natural that Colin Farrell’s Penguin seeks an alliance with him as he strives to carve out his own empire within the city’s criminal underworld.

However, the question remains: will Oswald Cobblepot align with or oppose Maroni? At this juncture, the answer eludes us, as both scenarios hold plausibility given the intricate dynamics of Gotham’s criminal landscape.

Nevertheless, fans familiar with Clancy Brown’s impressive repertoire (including The Shawshank Redemption, Billions, Invincible) can attest to the actor’s suitability for the role. And if Maroni’s fortunes take a favorable turn, there’s the tantalizing possibility of his involvement in The Batman: Part II.

Featured Image Via HBO

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