Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Case, "Extreme Abuse" Report
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Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Case, Actor Accused of “Extreme Abuse” In New Reports

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BY July 1, 2023

Jonathan Majors’s domestic violence case is getting worse. The actor is facing charges for allegedly assaulting a 30-year-old woman last March. The NYPD arrested him for a possible assault that included choking his companion and assaulting her in the head.

As we get closer to trial on August 3, prosecutors review the case and evidence and reframe the charges he faces. Jonathan Majors faces charges of domestic violence case. However, the NYPD is investigating one of the actor’s accusers due to several pieces of evidence of innocence presented by the defense.

Jonathan Majors Domestic Violence Case, Actor Accused of “Extreme Abuse” In New Reports

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A report filed by Rolling Stone reflected several updates regarding the Jonathan Majors domestic violence case. According to the report, Majors’s official charge is “extreme battery”, after the prosecutor reframed the charges at the last court appearance. “Many describe Majors as being a complicated, unpredictable, and sometimes violent man, who can switch from charming to cold in a flash.”

However, the report reflects that there are others with legal problems. This is because his accuser, Grace Jabbari, could be arrested on charges that the court has not yet disclosed. This was after Jonathan Majors’ defense released evidence from the domestic violence case. This evidence shows the actor’s innocence through text messages between the two, and statements from the cab, among other things.

The report presented by Rolling Stone also contains a series of additional statements and accusations from alleged people who Majors assaulted. Some of them are former partners of the actor and former colleagues of the actor. However, they requested anonymity in the publication for protection.

Faced with this information, the defense team asked Rolling Stone for the source of all these accusations. However, due to the same request for anonymity, this was denied, causing the lawyers to indicate that these were only rumors and that there was no way to prove such statements were true. 

The legal team of the actor who plays Kang also pointed out that they have the statements of six of his ex-partners. These testimonies can prove that the data reflected in the report of the anonymous persons were false. In the same way, he pointed out that they have enough evidence for his client to be released, and they consider all this a kind of circus. Jonathan Majors’s domestic violence case is getting worse and worse in terms of public opinion. 

What Will Happen in the Majors Trial? 

The question in the air is what will be the future of Jonathan Majors’s domestic violence case? According to the actor’s defence, they have enough evidence to prove their innocence. They highlighted that they have the text messages, showing his accuser stating that Majors never assaulted her.

According to the defense, there are also statements from the cab driver who drove the couple to their residence. There are also images showing that Majors never assaulted the alleged victim. There are also videos of the accuser testifying in a bar that Majors never assaulted her.

This indicates that Jonathan Majors is innocent of a domestic violence case. However, with the modification of the charges to more severe ones, it suggests that the actor’s freedom is in jeopardy. This suggests that the prosecution has evidence indicating the actor’s guilt, which leads them to continue the process.

Jonathan Majors must appear in court on August 3 to start the trial. In this trial, the actor will face the accusations of extreme aggression that the prosecution charged him with. However, these could be dismissed, depending on the results of the NYPD’s investigation of Grace Jabbar. The latter could set the actor free and imprison his accuser for false testimony.   

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