The Marvels Final Trailer Hints Avengers: Secret Wars Link!
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The Marvels’ Trailer Hints at Earth-Shattering Avengers: Secret Wars Link!

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BY November 7, 2023

The final trailer for The Marvels gives fans an exciting glimpse of what awaits them in the next chapter of the MCU. This cinematic teaser features an exciting return of some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes. Among them are Nick Fury, Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel, who team up in an epic battle against a new threat looming worldwide.

The Subtle Secret Wars Reference in The Marvels Final Trailer

Despite having defeated Thanos in previous cinematic installments, danger lingers in the Marvel Universe as an alternate reality begins to merge with their own. This event will trigger a series of catastrophic events. The visuals in the trailer showcase action-packed scenes with epic moments that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. However, what’s really intriguing is the subtle hint it drops about a connection to Avengers: Secret Wars.

As we can see in The Marvels final trailer, Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, faces considerable challenges as her adversary grows stronger with every power she unleashes. Nick Fury becomes the leader of a last desperate attempt to protect the world from this imminent threat. The film promises to explore the courage of the heroes as they face a seemingly unstoppable foe.

The final trailer for The Marvels doesn’t overtly reveal its tie-in to Avengers: Secret Wars. However, there are subtle hints that have caught fans’ attention. The footage shows scenes of cosmic energy, interdimensional rifts and the presence of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau. These elements have fueled speculation that the film could explore cosmic events and character dynamics that echo the Secret Wars storyline.

How ‘The Marvels’ could forge a connection to ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’

In the second and immensely popular Secret Wars comic book event, a series of incursions set off a cataclysmic chain reaction. These events cause multiple realities to collide and ultimately destroy them. This catastrophic event gave rise to Battleworld, a mosaic planet that combined elements of several universes. The culmination of this is the creation of a single unified universe in which all the characters coexist. The MCU explains multiple timelines and the multiverse concept in the Multiverse Saga. Because of this, it seems plausible that Marvel Studios could employ its upcoming Secret Wars movie as a means to restore the franchise to a solitary Sacred Timeline.

However, the critical question that remains unanswered is the root cause of these incursions. Is it a consequence of Sylvie’s actions in eliminating the Remaining One?. Could it be attributed to Doctor Strange’s rampant exploration of the Multiverse?. Hopefully, The Marvels will illuminate some of these mysteries when it premieres this weekend.

The Marvels promises to be a movie loaded with action, excitement and unexpected twists. It will surely keep Marvel enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. This new installment is set to change everything we know about the MCU. It is also shaping up to be a must-see movie experience for fans of the genre.

As we await the film’s release, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is committed to pushing the boundaries of storytelling. Thanks to this, we see them building on the legacy of Marvel Comics. The future of the MCU is uncertain and increasingly criticized by fans. However, from what we saw in The Marvels final trailer, we could be in for a good production. If so, we could consider it a turn of the rudder towards good quality again.

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