Taylor Cahill Replaced Gal Gadot in Shazam 2 (Not Entirely)
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Taylor Cahill Replaced Gal Gadot In Shazam 2 (Not Entirely)

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BY March 20, 2023

Shazam sequel director David F. Sandberg just revealed the process of including Wonder Woman on the movie. Taylor Cahill was in charge of fleshing out the superheroine. As far as the actor’s biography goes on the internet, she is an actress and a professional model. Cahill has another movie on her list, Summer of Silence, released in 2010. There is not much more information about this girl on the internet, although she has become very popular on Twitter.

Taylor Cahill Partially Replaced Gal Gadot in Shazam 2

Superman and Wonder Woman Image via Warner bros.

David F. Sandberg, the director of the Shazam sequel, gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Sandberg opened up about the inconvenience caused by Superman’s headless cameo. He also discussed the details of including Wonder Woman’s cameo and revealed how the process went. 

The director explained that Gal Gadot could not get to Atlanta to shoot the necessary scenes. Faced with this situation, he had to resort to Taylor Cahill to replace her so that the team could have branding data, lighting, and other details necessary to shoot the sequences. Once they shot the scenes, they waited until Gadot could come to the set. 

This decision was plagued by controversy and rumors, including Taylor Cahill as Wonder Woman unleashed negative comments. In the first part, fans were very disappointed when Superman came out without showing his face. This is attributed to Taylor Cahill, the name “Fake Wonder Woman”.

The fans’ nervousness came from the uncertainty generated by the arrival of the new management. DC Studios’ top brass, James Gunn and Peter Safran were very ambiguous about Gal Gadot’s continuity. When Wonder Woman’s appearance was leaked, some believed CGI technology was used to replace the stuntwoman and put in Gadot’s images, but that was not the case. When the titular actress appears, it is always her.

Henry Cavill Cameo That Never Happened 

The Real Face of Superman From Shazam! Movie Revealed Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

The revelation came thanks to the updated cast list, where Taylor Cahill appeared as a fake Wonder Woman. However, this is not new, as the director has revealed that he used something similar for Cavill’s cameo as the Man of Steel in the original film.

In that film, Cavill was replaced by another actor in a brief post-credits scene. Cavill refused to appear in the film because he had no contract for a solo film. In this case Zachary Levi’s stunt double, Ryan Handley,who appeared replacing Superman in a cameo without showing his head.

This sequence resulted in great controversy because of the good reputation Cavill enjoys. Many thought the same thing would happen with this new cameo in Shazam 2. However, the director only used Taylor Cahill to structure the scene, not to eliminate Gal Gadot.

Featured Image Via @ShazamNews 


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