Shazam Sequel: Fake Wonder Woman Could Have a Cameo
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Shazam Sequel: Fake Wonder Woman Could Have a Cameo

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BY March 10, 2023

Several rumors discussed the possibility of a cameo in the Shazam sequel, Fury of the Gods. One of these is the appearance of Wonder Woman in the film, similar to the Superman cameo in the first production of the saga. She would appear in the half body, which brings the concern of who will be the actress who will represent her.

According to rumors circulating this week, it would not be Gal Gadot in the Wonder Woman costume. In her place would be Taylor Cahill, representing the princess of the Amazons. Many are labeling this portrayal, as a fake Wonder Woman, for not being Gadot in that role.

Shazam Sequel David F. Sandberg’s Response to Fake Wonder Woman

Superman and Wonder Woman Image via Warner bros.

According to multiple rumors we will have a fake Wonder Woman, played by Taylor Cahill, in Shazam sequel. This character will have a cameo in the film in the style of Superman in the first part of this franchise. In that case, it was a half-bodied cameo, due to Henry Cavill’s refusal to play the character in purely cameo appearances.

Consequently, this brought some rumors about Gal Gadot’s departure from the character. Some commented that it might be Taylor Cahill’s only appearance. Currently, neither DC nor Warner is commenting on or confirming about this appearance. However, on Twitter, director David F. Sandberg commented about it.  

Sandberg commented that he is looking forward to Shazam sequel release so that everyone can know which characters appear and who will play them. This brought a series of discussions in the publication from some fans, about whether this was true and if they would change Gadot from the character.

As for Sandberg’s exact publication, he said the following:

“Sigh. I can’t wait for the film to finally be out there so everyone can see for themselves exactly who is or isn’t in the film.”

Fans Complain About Gal Gadot’s Possible Exit as Wonder Woman

Shazam recast Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

Fans complained on the Twitter post about this possible appearance of Wonder Woman. The vast majority highlighted that it will be a fake character for not appearing Gadot, as the princess of the Amazons. They also commented that Sandberg’s statement was a political way to confirm the rumors.

Others state that they want the return of the Snyderverse, as they believe it was DC at its best. This is in the face of Gal Gadot’s possible departure from her character, just like what happened to Henry Cavill as Superman

Others state that Wonder Woman’s appearance in Shazam’s sequel is odd, considering she is a lone hero. However, the latter issue could be due to the film’s plot. Considering Wonder Woman’s relationship with the Greek gods and that Altas is part of this mythology, there could be a relationship there.

Regarding Gal Gadot’s departure, as many fans say, nothing has been confirmed. First, it would be strange if the actress was taken out of the character, given James Gunn and Peter Safran’s statements that they wanted her to stay with her character. If she were to leave, it is more likely that she would leave on her own, because of the DC upheaval.

Another theory is that the actress is busy in other productions and cannot participate in the cameo in Shazam sequel. Therefore, they chose Taylor Cahill to replace her.

For now, we will have to wait as Sandberg says for the premiere of Shazam squel this March 17, 2023 and verify both the characters who appear and who represent them.

featured Image Via Warner Bros. Discovery 


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