Superman: Legacy David Corenswet Costume Leaked
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James Gunn Addresses Alleged Leaked Images Of David Corenswet In Superman: Legacy Suit

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BY January 27, 2024

After purported leaked images of David Corenswet in his Superman: Legacy outfit surfaced, James Gunn clarifies the DC Universe speculation.

James Gunn has responded to recent speculation surrounding the DC Universe. The director has responded to alleged leaked photos of David Corenswet in his Superman: Legacy costume. As the DCEU franchise ends, Gunn’s DC Universe is about to kick off, with Creature Commandos set to premiere on Max later this year. However, the real kickoff, titled Chapter 1, Gods and Monsters, is scheduled for 2025, beginning with Superman: Legacy, where Corenswet assumes the mantle of the Man of Steel.

As the Superman: Legacy team prepares for production in March, a Twitter (X) user leaked a series of images. In these, supposedly featuring Corenswet in his Superman costume have appeared on the Internet, sparking a great deal of buzz. Gunn was quick to respond to these rumors on Threads.

In response to a question from paapasfrita user about the authenticity of the alleged leaked images of David Corenswet in his Superman: Legacy costume, Gunn, who is the co-CEO of DC Studios, refuted the idea. He further stated categorically that “there is no leak.” Gunn clarified that the only images of Corenswet in the suit are on his phone. He also stressed that he was present during the screen test with the actor sheathed in Henry Cavill’s Superman suit.

When Can Fans Expect James Gunn to Unveil the David Corenswet Superman: Legacy Costume?

Ever since Corenswet landed his role in Superman: Legacy, many DC Universe fans have wanted to see him in the iconic costume. The fact that a costume designer is already on board indicates that the development of the DCU Superman costume has been in the works for some time. While enthusiasts hoped for an early look at Corenswet’s costume before Superman: Legacy commences filming, Gunn has quashed those expectations.

Having received numerous inquiries on the matter, the DC co-CEO clarified that the costume unveiling will only happen when Superman: Legacy is in the production phase. The exact form of this reveal, whether through an official promotional image or a sizzle reel, remains uncertain. Nevertheless, this much-anticipated moment will be appropriately announced, recognizing its significance within the franchise.

It’s only natural for fans to look forward to seeing Corenswet in his Superman costume. Then there’s the importance of Superman: Legacy to the DC Universe. Let’s hope that when the costume is revealed to the DC Universe audience, it lives up to expectations. Superman: Legacy continues to generate high expectations as one of the most eagerly anticipated superhero films of 2025.

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