James Gunn Supergirl Movie Could Be Cancelled?
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Actress Declines Audition for James Gunn, Raising Concerns About Supergirl Role

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BY January 27, 2024

Amidst the recent reports suggesting turmoil within DC, insiders like Jeff Sneider and Grace Randolph are adding their insights. The latest development indicates uncertainty around the Supergirl movie. This is because of the rumors circulating that an actress declined to audition for James Gunn, fueling speculation about the project’s future.

We recently came across news indicating that Meg Donnelly and Millie Alcock are being considered for the role of Supergirl. Reports suggest that Supergirl will appear in Superman: Legacy before featuring in her standalone film.

Last week, Jeff Sneider informed John Rocha, stating, “I’ll tell you that’s something that hasn’t really been reported yet. Also, I just heard vague whispers, but like, okay, your DC’s kind of a mess, too.”

James Gunn Supergirl Movie in Risk to be Cancelled?

During a recent Q&A session on Thursday, YouTuber Grace Randolph commented on this. With an audience approaching one million subscribers, Randolph expressed skepticism about the likelihood of the Supergirl movie coming to fruition. The YouTuber responded to a fan’s question about the recent news. Further commenting on Meg Donnelly and Millie Alcock being considered for the role, Randolph stated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that Supergirl movie never happened, to be honest with you, but we’ll see.”

Grace Randolph warned about the potential challenges associated with the Supergirl movie.

She also addressed what she called the “DC curse.” In this regard, she expressed concern about the track record of those associated with the franchise. In addition, Randolph advised the actresses, Meg Donnelly and Millie Alcock, to be mindful of the historical challenges faced by those associated with the DC universe.

Morover, information about an actress who refused to audition for James Gunn. Jeff Sneider reported this, and adds another layer of uncertainty to the development of the Supergirl movie.

In THR’s coverage of Milly Alcock and Meg Donnelly’s screen tests for the role of Supergirl, the report mentions that DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran were present. However, there is no mention of Emilia Jones or Cailee Spaeny not being in contention. According to Jeff Sneider on The Hot Mic’s latest episode, Emilia Jones reportedly refused to audition for the role.

During the discussion about the potential casting of Milly Alcock and Meg Donnelly as the new Supergirl, John Rocha mentioned that they had moved past Emilia Jones. Jeff Sneider added that Emilia Jones did not participate in the audition, stating that someone told him she refused to read. When asked for more details, Sneider said he had no idea why she made this decision.


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