New Fantastic Four Movie Cast Still Undecided
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Marvel Studios Is In Trouble, New Fantastic Four Movie Cast Still Undecided

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BY July 2, 2023

The new Marvel Fantastic Four movie is under the spotlight due to rumors about the cast playing this group of superheroes. Until recently, several candidates were almost confirmed to play several of the roles in the production as Adam Driver, Paul Mescal and Margot Robbie.

However, the possibility of these actors appearing in these films dropped to zero. The reasons for this sudden change are financial. This would imply that the production would suffer a considerable delay, in addition to the one that Mavel Studios already has at the moment.

New Fantastic Four Movie Cast Still Undecided

The cast of Marvel’s new Fantastic Four movie has been in doubt for some time due to the lack of official information from the studio. Various reports would cast Adam Driver as Mister Fantastic, Margot Robbie as Sue Storm, better known as the Invisible Woman, Paul Mescal as the Human Torch and Daveed Diggs as the Mole.

Although Marvel Studios has not confirmed anything, rumors were gaining weight until today. The reason was Jeff Sneider’s statements in Hot Mic. The insider commented on his YouTube channel that the mentioned actors are no longer in the plans for the movie. The reason is that Marvel needs more funds and cannot afford to pay these stars at the top of their careers. The new Fantastic Four movie cast requires top-tier actors to secure the box office and now is not the best time. 

This not only involves the four actors mentioned above but there are also other actors sounding off. One is Emma Stone, who turned down to be the Invisible Woman. According to rumors, Marvel refused to pay her $20 million to play the role above.

With this, the new Fantastic Four movie would be without a cast, which may cause a considerable delay. For now, Marvel has not given official statements about the cast of this production and what possible changes it could bring if the statements made by Jeff Sneider are true.

Marvel Studios in a Difficult Financial Situation

Marvel R Rated Movies Image: Marvel Studios

Marvel is not going through its best moment, and the company’s recent actions confirm it. The new Fantastic Four movie cast is the least of their problems. First of all, there is the situation with Jonathan Majors, who is facing assault charges and is one of the main characters in this part of the story. He is portraying Kang, the main villain of the next phases of the MCU.

In addition to this, Kevin Feige and Marvel Studio will not be at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This absence implies that they will not exhibit any production, including titles many await. Among them, Deadpool 3, with the addition of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Neither will be Fantastic Four, Echo, The Marvels, Captain America 4, and Loki, among others.

In addition, many of Marvel’s productions currently have no writer or director due to the WGA strike. This action caused delays in their productions, and several release dates suffered a rescheduling. Here we comment on the new release dates of Marvel Studios productions.

In addition to the new Fantastic Four movie cast, it also needed a director. Director Jon Watts was removed from the production, as well as the screenwriter. This is a hard blow since the filmmaker’s track record is quite good, considering that he developed the whole plot of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

With all this situation, the new Fantastic Four movie could fail before reaching the theaters. There are many mishaps surrounding this movie, which runs the risk of being cancelled if it continues like this. The studio is in a bad place, and the superhero genre is worn out. Kevin Feige must sharpen his wits to turn this situation around successfully. 

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