Hugh Jackman Wolverine Beard is Ready To Play Wolverine Again!
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Hugh Jackman Wolverine Beard Is Ready To Play Wolverine In Deadpool 3!

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BY May 21, 2023

The excitement about Deadpool 3 is closely related to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and his trademark beard. At the moment, we don’t know the status of the production. However, some photos of the actor with his new look may give us some clues about the progress of the movie. 

The images that Jackman is revealing not only show his face but also his physique. Hugh Jackman’s workout for Deadpool 3 is very intense. Even the actor himself jokes about competing with Ryan Reynolds even though he is younger than him. Now the Wolverine actor has unveiled a new image showing a beard that could be his look for the movie. 

We already know that at the end of this month begins in London the production of Deadpool 3. So, the actors must be in shape and characterized for their roles. Knowing these dates allows us communicators to advance certain aspects of the film and even make predictions. 

For example, thanks to Hugh Jackman’s publications, we already know that his muscles have grown in addition to his beard. Furthermore, the actor insists that it has been achieved without the use of steroids, despite speculation by many that the actor has been cheating. 

What Clues the Hugh Jackman’s Beard Give Us for Deadpool 3

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At the moment, nothing has transpired about the plot of Ryan Reynolds’ next mutant adventure. However, the looks are focused on his co-star. Hugh Jackman’s beard for Wolverine gives us clues as to what state the character may be in for this part of the story. 

One of the controversies when the actor confirmed his presence in the Deadpool movie was due to the continuity of the character. Hugh Jackman declared with the premiere of Logan that this would be his last interpretation of the mutant. This ending was perfect since it adapted in a way the stories of the comic arc Old Man Logan and had a round closure. 

Faced with this doubt, many Twitter users asked how the character could appear again if he had already (SPOILER ALERT) died at the end of Logan. After this, Reynolds himself uploaded a video as a parody explaining that the events of Deadpool 3 would occur before the end of Logan. 

From what we saw in Hugh Jackman’s latest Instagram photo, his beard looks much like the one he sported in Logan. In this movie, the superhero sported an aged and sickly look, and it ended with his final death.

His current look is not far from what we saw in this production. For this reason, we can deduce that the film will be set after the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. In fact, it will likely take place shortly before the events we saw in Logan. Wolverine may already be taking care of the mutant leader before he gets dragged into an adventure with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

No Continuity Flaws in the X-Men Saga

Wolverine and Deadpool Image: 20th Century Studios

In any case, Hugh Jackman has already made it clear that the return for Deadpool 3 will not alter the events of Logan’s ending. So any multiversal shenanigans he has with Deadpool will leave him on the road to his death.

For the moment Hugh Jackman continues to impress us with his physical beard. He is clearly dedicating himself to regaining Wolverine form for Deadpool 3. This may indeed be the actor’s last appearance as Wolverine. However, many cameos are still pending, especially in the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars production.

Deadpool 3 will hit theaters on November 8, 2024.

Featured Image Via @thehughjackman 

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