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More Fear Street? Leigh Janiak Hopes So

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BY July 21, 2021

I’ve joked before about horror franchises, like The Conjuring, having their own cinematic universe, a la the MCU. However, if Leigh Janiak, who wrote and directed the trilogy has her way, that’s exactly what will happen with Fear Street. She revealed this past week that she’d like to make more Fear Street stories.

Janiak Wants More Fear Street Through an Expansion of the Canon

(Note: This will contain spoilers for the Fear Street trilogy, particularly Fear Street Part Three.)

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In an interview with Indiewire, Janiak talked about her dreams for the future of the possible franchise. If you’ve seen the entire trilogy, then you know that the final installment, Fear Street Part Three: 1666, set up a possible continuation. Interspersed within the credits are glimpses of life in Shadyside, getting back to a new normal.

The final shot shows someone stealing the spell book, which the police apparently just left down in the cave. (They must just love the drama of it all.) So that’s a potential path for another installment of this story. However, Janiak sees a bigger picture.

To that end, she explicitly says that she wants a cinematic universe. She told Indiewire, “One of the things that I talked about before I was hired was that we have a potential here to create a horror Marvel Cinematic Universe, where you can have slasher killers from lots of different eras. You have the canon of our main mythology that’s built around the fact that the devil lives in Shadyside, so there’s also room for everything else.”

Janiak Also Has an Idea of What Story She’d Most Like to Tell

In her talk with Indiewire, Janiak talked about expanding the story to include both movies and TV shows. She also mentioned the kind of story that she’d like to tell most. Unsurprisingly, it involves those “slasher killers from…different eras.” Specifically, she said, “I really started getting excited about a ’50s slasher movie, which I haven’t really seen and what that means. It’s just cool to think about the different eras and what’s possible as a horror fan.”

A 50s slasher would be a cool idea, in my opinion. While slasher themes certainly existed throughout the history of film, we really didn’t see the first true slashers until the 70s. Even to this day, it’s hard to find slashers that are even set in the 50s. Can you think of one?

In any case, this future Fear Street Cinematic Universe depends entirely on whether audiences respond to the original trilogy. As they’re on Netflix, we have no idea. They’re not in the top 10, which the fairytale involving wolves (Twilight), is currently dominating. But that doesn’t mean we should count out Fear Street yet.

Would you be interested in seeing more Fear Street? Tell us on our social media or in these comments.

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