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Reportedly, The MCU Continues With Kang For ‘Avengers’ Without Jonathan Majors

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BY March 18, 2024

Jonathan Majors’ conviction on assault charges has disrupted the MCU, resulting in his expected termination by Marvel. With Majors out for Avengers 5, the role of Kang, the multiverse-spanning antagonist for this phase, is now up for debate. Should Marvel recast Kang with a new actor or entirely replace the character? According to a recent report, the former option is being considered.

Marvel Studios Plans To Continue With Kang As The Main Villain for Avengers 5

Insider Daniel Richtman suggests that Marvel’s current strategy involves retaining Kang as the antagonist for Avengers 5 and its subsequent installment, Avengers: Secret Wars. Previously referred to as The Kang Dynasty, Avengers 5 may adopt this title again if Richtman’s information holds true. In addition, Richtman speculates that Marvel may introduce a second villain to accompany Kang. However, whether this character will serve as a sidekick or a more formidable adversary is not yet known. Given the magnitude of the role, it’s likely the latter.

Naturally, if Kang remains a fixture in the MCU, finding a replacement actor for Jonathan Majors becomes imperative, as digitally altering his performance is unlikely. While the new Kang has no definitive choice, Colman Domingo’s name has surfaced as a popular contender. Domingo himself has expressed openness to the idea when approached about it. The concept of recasting Kang with a different actor fits well within the multiverse framework, allowing for flexibility in character portrayal across different iterations. Although Marvel originally planned for Majors to play all variants of Kang, the multiverse concept often brings new faces to familiar roles.

It’s conceivable that completely abandoning plans for a Kang-centric Avengers saga due to Majors’ situation would entail significant effort. Merely replacing the actor could offer a simpler solution than reimagining two entire films and potentially disrupting the overarching narrative arc of a phase.

The Second More Important Villain for the MCU

As for the second villain, Doctor Doom or Galactus may appear. Also, considering their long-standing ties to the superhero team, Marvel may introduce them in the next Fantastic Four movie. Kang will inevitably be defeated in Avengers 5. After that, the focus could shift to a new era dominated by the villain emerging from the shadows. It seems unlikely that major figures like Doom or Galactus would make brief appearances. They would also just be defeated and quickly forgotten.

Doom seems to be the most likely option. He also plays a pivotal role in the Secret Wars storyline in the comics. While it’s not impossible to move forward without him, it represents an ideal opportunity to establish this iconic character, even more so after his possible involvement as an antagonist in the Fantastic Four movie. Given his significance to the Secret Wars saga, his absence from it would come as a surprise.

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