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James Gunn Praises The Flash Movie After Premiere

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BY June 14, 2023

James Gunn just commented about The Flash on his Twitter account. The movie starring Ezra Miller had its first broadcast for big stars and various media members. Many commented on its quality, considering the negative comments from critics a few days ago. 

DC Films director James Gunn commented on how much he liked this production, not just yesterday June 13, 2023, but when he first saw it a year ago. He hadn’t even taken his current management position with Peter Safran at that time. These statements, as usual, left no one indifferent. The director is loved and hated equally, and social media echo this. 

James Gunn Talks About The Flash After the Premiere

James Gunn Twitter Spat Image via Screengrab

James Gunn was at the premiere of The Flash movie, to which an exclusive audience had access. The Guardians of the Galaxy director commented on his social media that the film is one of the best he has seen so far and continues to love it from the moment he saw it in its post-production process a year ago.

His comments were: #TheFlashMovie premiere was amazing; the movie killed it, just like I knew it would when I first saw it and fell in love almost a year ago, long before I was the co-head of DC Studios. It’s a magnificent film – fun, funny, and emotional, and I can’t wait for you all to see it this weekend!

Gunn’s comments differ greatly from those of critics, who gave it a score on the Rotten Tomatoes platform of 72%, with 143 reviews. The same platform reveals that the audience liked the new DC production, with a 95% audience rating.

The general public also ratified this and added information to the filmmaker’s publication. Some indicated that they could see the film through one of the broadcasts of one of the media. These indicated that the movie was phenomenal and that they loved everything. They highlighted the plot with the appearance of Sasha Calle as Supergirl and the return of Michael Keaton as Batman.

For his part, James Gunn also indicated that he couldn’t wait until The Flash has its formal release on Friday, June 16, for audiences to enjoy it in theaters.

Will The Flash be Able to Meet Expectations?  

the flash critic reviews Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

One question that James Gunn’s comments on The Flash bring up is whether it will live up to expectations from moviegoers and in terms of theatrical box office. It is worth noting that Warner and DC have high expectations, considering they expect the film to gross between $115 million and $140 million this opening weekend in the United States alone.

The problem is DC’s previous results, which are not very encouraging. For example, we can cite the movie Black Adam, starring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. This production generated a lot of expectations. However, it did not impact the public and could not surpass the $400 million barrier, disappointing the studio’s aspirations.

The presence of James Gunn at the studio may have brought about interesting changes, improving the quality of the latest DCEU productions, including The Flash. If the comments of the filmmakers and those who saw the film in this first broadcast are true, it could have a great chance of breaking some records. If not, at least move down the ranks in revenue to other productions in the year 2023.

After two years of unbearable waiting, the countdown for this Friday, June 16, has already begun.   

Featured Image Via Warner Bros.  


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