The Flash Sequel Conditioned On Box Office Results, Not Good
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Favorable Box Office Results Needed To Make The Flash Sequel

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BY June 18, 2023

The Flash had its official premiere on June 16, 2023. Expectations for the Scarlet Speedster movie are due to the divergence of opinions between James Gunn and Rotten Tomatoes critics. Because the DC co-director claimed it was the best movie of all time, and the experts declared it was just another one of the bunch. After its release, there is a doubt on the table, and it is the possible development of a second part of this saga because the script has been ready to be revised since last year. Neither Warner nor DC declared a possible sequel, but according to a report, there is a strict condition for The Flash to have a new big-screen production.

Favorable Box Office Results To Make The Flash Sequel

James Gunn The Flash Image: The Movie Report / Warner Bros. Pictures

According to a report by The Wrap, there is only one condition for The Flash to have a sequel: to do well at the box office. This success would indicate that the film should have results close to The Batman. The Matt Reeves movie grossed $770 million globally and $129 million in the film’s opening.

It may seem impossible a The Flash sequel at first glance, considering that expectations for this weekend are $70 million. However, it would be plausible to make it. If we look back, Aquaman had an opening of $69 million and topped The Batman with $1.14 billion in revenue.

Everything seems confusing for The Flash’s future, as Warner blames the little success of Shazam 2 and other films on the reboot that the DC canon will suffer after the release of Aquaman 2. Also, the critics commented that The Flash movie is not as good as Gunn argues, which closes the doors to a possible sequel. These experts give it a score of 66% on the Rotten Tomatoes website. 

However, hope remains in the audience, as many consider the film quite good, despite the pundits’ criticisms. So it could do well at the box office, as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros did recently. Despite a 55% score on Rotten, this movie grossed $1327 million worldwide.

Warner wants the numbers to add up, that’s for sure. Yet, there is another detail to view: the space it will occupy in DC’s history because Gunn did not consider it when he created the bible or the production route for the coming years of this world of comics. However, it may enter the group of productions outside of DC’s core canon, along with The Joker and The Batman.

Details of the Possible Sequel to the New Ezra Miller Movie

Flash movie Image: Twitter The Flash Movie

If there is a sequel to The Flash, there are other details to clarify, the first being the continuity of Ezra Miller as the protagonist. It should be remembered that the actor had serious problems with the law, including assault, disorderly conduct, theft, assault, among others. However, the actor’s declaration of his mental problems and the treatments he is undergoing positively impacted his behavior.

Also, the director Andy Muschietti recently commented that Miller is the best actor for The Flash. He even highlighted his professionalism on the set and the disposition he delivers so that each scene has the best result.

The director also commented on the possible villains in The Flash sequel would have if it took place. He mentioned Reverse Flash, Grood, the intelligent gorilla and The Turtle. However, he needed to indicate if they would be his options or ideas or if they were already captured in the script developed by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, the creator of the Aquaman plot. 

The first installment is available in theaters worldwide, and despite criticism, it is DC’s current major event.

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. Pictures 


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