Taron Egerton Blackbird Actor Talks To Rachel Weisz In Interview
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Taron Egerton Blackbird Actor Talks To Rachel Weisz In Variety Interview

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BY June 19, 2023

Taron Egerton was on a Variety show with Rachel Weisz. In the video, they talk about some of the productions made by both of them and the experiences they had. They talked about the character that Taron Egerton plays in the Apple TV series Blackbird and what led him to accept that character after his success in Rocketman.

Rachel Weisz initially talked about her role in Dead Ringers, where she plays a set of identical twins dedicated to gynaecology. However, that was only part of what she talked about, due to a video she received from the production about Egerton that sidetracked the conversation a bit.

Taron Egerton and Rachel Weisz Discuss Their Experiences in Recent Productions

Taron Egerton movie Image: 20th Century Fox

On Weisz’s show on Variety, the actress chatted with Taron Egerton, Blackbird actor, about her recent experiences in the acting world. First, the actress began by discussing her interactions with Alice Birch, the showrunner of Dead Ringers. She questioned him about how they discussed the film’s plot, including how the idea came about that they would have identical twins instead of one character.

The actress also indicated the aspects she liked most about Dead Ringers, and it was the psychosexual suspense feature that is present. He referred to this as the central focus existing in the two siblings. Both have interdependence or co-dependence until they no longer see each other as simply siblings.

Weisz highlighted that she talked quite a lot with Alice and the rest of the group of writers of the film. She discussed with them the plot they would develop. Weisz indicated that it was already clear to them that they would be obstetrician gynecologists, that babies would be involved and other elements.

Later, the conversation moved to Taron Egerton’s character in Blackbird, Jimmy Keene. Weisz said she also had a similar experience, although played by different actors. They talked about the effort the actor had to make to get in shape both physically and mentally to play two characters at once. 

Weisz indicated that he saw Jimmy walk peculiarly at certain times as if wearing a suit of armor. Egerton responded that he did, in fact, walk away from his emotions, which made him quite unhappy. The actress pointed out that the actor had to play two characters in one due to his character’s mental conditions.

A Video that Changed the Conversation

While talking about the reasons why Taron Egerton accepted the role of Jimmy Keene from Blackbird and about the differences from the character he played as Elton Jonh in Rocketman, Rachel Weisz was handed an Ipad containing a revealing and somewhat embarrassing video for Egerton.

The video featured Egerton on a four-year-old Watch What Happens Live show. In it, the actor confessed that his crush in Hollywood was Rachel Weisz herself. After hearing the recording, his face turned tomato red.

Weisz laughed at the time, indicating that she was honored by Egerton’s comment. The actor pointed out that time was passing too quickly, looking to change the topic of conversation. However, the actress needed to make it more challenging. She responded that they are adults now and indicated that her Hollywood sweetheart at the time was Marc Almond.

Taron Egerton, the Blackbird actor, heard about Weisz’s crush and asked her if they wouldn’t change the subject. However, the actress said no, and that she won’t let the subject go so easily, continuing the conversation about the controversial video.

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