Fantastic Four Movie Cast Revealed: Next Biggest MCU Movie
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Fantastic Four Movie Cast Revealed Next Biggest Movie for Marvel Studios

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BY May 28, 2023

Marvel Studios remains tight-lipped about the cast of the Fantastic Four movie. This is one of the projects that generates more expectations among MCU fans. So far, we only had the appearance of one of the group members within this cinematic universe. The cameo happened in Doctor Strange: in the Multiverse of Madness. The character was the leader of the group Reed Richards or Mister Fantastic, and John Krasinski was in charge of bringing him to life. 

These characters have already had several appearances on the big screen. However, they never managed to please the critics. Perhaps now, in the MCU framework, it is their moment to shine on the big screen. Marvel understands the importance of this movie and is taking its time in choosing the actors who will portray the Fantastic Four. Although there is no official confirmation, leaks of the possible actors chosen recently surfaced.

Fantastic Four MCU Movie Cast Revealed

Fantastic Four Won't Be An Origin Story Image via Marvel Comics

On social media, several insiders revealed the actors who would be the cast of Fantastic Four movie. One of them is Reed Richards, better known as Mister Fantastic. Marvel Studios would have chosen Adam Driver, famous for his participation in the last Star Wars trilogy, as Ben Solo, Han and Leia’s son. 

We would also have in the cast the actress who played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie. The actress will play the Invisible Woman, also known as Sue Storm. The artist has been sounding for the role for a while due to her good reviews in the DC production and the fans’ love for her.

Another actor revealed for the Fantastic Four cast is Paul Mescal, who would develop Susan’s brother, Johnny Storm. This character had controversy initially due to Chris Evans’ comments about wanting to return to this character. However, the production decided to go for a younger actor who had not appeared in the MCU. In addition, Mescal has good participation in his resumes, such as the movie Sunset, released in 2022 and Normal People in 2020.

The last artist that so far is sounding for this production is Daveed Diggs as the Mole. The actor has interesting reviews in the movies and series in which he participated. For example, we have the Snowpiercer saga, in which he lasted 2 seasons, and Blind Spot, and he was also in the movie The Little Mermaid in live action representing Sebastian.

Next Biggest Movie for Marvel Studios

Fantastic Four movie reboot Image: Marvel Studios

The Fantastic Four is one of the most important franchises for Marvel, along with the X-Men and the Avengers. The reasons are several, starting with the important amount of fans that love the comics of this saga. 

Another point to consider is the franchise’s downward trajectory in cinema. The incarnations of this group in the movies have not been the best. However, this may change. The quality level of superhero movies has increased greatly, thanks to Kevin Feige and the MCU.

The Fantastic Four movie’s final cast takes a long time to be revealed. Normally, they take this process seriously since the group has a lot of interpersonal relationships. For example, Mister Fantastic and Sue Storm are a couple. The Human Torch is Sue Storm’s brother, and The Thing is Mister Fantastic’s best friend. At this juncture, all cast members must have chemistry with each other. 

Currently, Marvel Studios has not yet revealed the final cast of the Fantastic Four movie. However, these rumors sound strong, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire. 

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