Captain America Sam Wilson Costume Leaked In Brave New World
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“Leaked ‘Captain America’ Costume Appears To Contradict ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier'”

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BY January 31, 2024

Recently, Sam Wilson unveiled an image of what seems to be the new Captain America costume for Brave New World, which suggests a deviation from the attire featured in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The leaked costume appears to present a contrast to the one seen in the aforementioned series, hinting at potential discrepancies in the depiction of the superhero’s outfit.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier had a strong impact as a standalone series. It also brought a remarkably modest impact to the overall MCU narrative.

The central theme of the series revolves around Sam Wilson. The character is responsible for inheriting Captain America’s shield from Steve and ultimately decides to take over.

It gave the impression that the whole series could have gone unnoticed. However, it had one element in particular: Sam acquires his suit at the end, following a well-established Marvel tradition. However, even this significant development may now face potential dismissal.

Captain America Sam Wilson Costume Leaked

A recently leaked image purportedly showing Sam’s costume in Captain America: Brave New World. Here it reveals a change from the one he received in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In addition, this new suit features a blue colour, a more armour-like design in contrast to the baggy nature of his previous attire, and a resemblance to Steve’s original set of suits. It gave the impression that the entire series could have gone unnoticed. However, it did have one element in particular – Sam acquiring his suit at the end, following a well-established Marvel tradition.

Sam Wilson’s era as Captain America has taken an intriguing turn. Moreover, the character has been absent since 2021, when, in theory, he should assume a leadership role within the Avengers. Notably, he did not appear in any episodes of the second season of What If…? (though he is expected to appear in the third, when it premieres).

Marvel is scheduled to release Captain America: Brave New World in February 2025. However, Marvel’s release dates have been subject to frequent changes. In December 2023, it was revealed that screenwriter Matthew Orton had been hired to work on new scenes for the film, which is scheduled to shoot in 2024. Reshoots are a common practice in Marvel movies, and this film is no exception.

The production will feature the return of Liv Tyler as Betty Ross, and Harrison Ford will join the cast to play her infamous father. In addition, we expect Tim Blake Nelson to take on the role of The Leader.

What is Brave New World About?

This narrative takes place in a world where the Skrulls have achieved significant world leadership, and our heroes are pursuing them, as indicated by the events of Secret Invasion. However, considering that even The Marvels, with Nick Fury as the protagonist, seems to have completely ignored this fact, it is unclear whether this plot point will be addressed.

The political background of Brave New World can be significant. In addition, Captain America Wilson plays a crucial role in the story. However, the MCU’s recent track record suggests that consistency has not been its strong point, leaving the resolution of this narrative thread uncertain.

As for the blue suit we’ll have to wait to see how the film will address its origin. We’ll also see if it delves into the details of how Sam acquires it or if the narrative chooses to avoid any explicit explanation. Additionally, the film could follow the recent MCU trend of glossing over the events of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This has fans wondering if the story will get the attention it deserves. However, whether Marvel will treat it as a narrative thread that will be left on the back burner for a long period of time, just like previous MCU stories.

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