Captain America Red Hulk Appearance Confirmed Through LEGO?
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Captain America: Brave New World – Merchandise Hints at Red Hulk’s Potential Cameo

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BY January 2, 2024

Captain America Red Hulk appearance could be confirmed through a merchandising item.

Marvel Studios hasn’t made a big on-stage presentation for quite some time. However, they have been quietly announcing things here and there until the end of the year. Since the actors’ and writers’ strike was resolved, they had a very small presentation of a couple of episodes of What If…? and announced some projects for next year on Disney Plus.

Other major news has come through the Hollywood media. They also include major announcements such as the firing of Jonathan Majors as Kang. This news made Hollywood headlines in every conceivable place rather than having an official announcement from a Marvel Studios or Disney representative.

Additional Details About Red Hulk in Captain America Brave New World

Now, we’ve had some additional key details come to light through these outlets. So that, we want to focus on the most recent rumors about specific scenes of what’s happening with Captain America: Brave New World. Thanks to a piece of merchandising, specifically from LEGO, we had a very important revelation. For some time we have been speculating about the possible appearance of Red Hulk in this movie. Well, the toy company has just revealed his appearance:

captain america red hulk Image: 1414falconfan Instagram

Marvel Studios originally delayed Captain America: Brave New World, and sent the movie to reshoots. Initial rumors centered on the film’s action sequences not being up to par with the previous Captain America films. However they would not focus on Sam Wilson as was to be expected in a Captain America movie. After hearing these rumors and others about the film’s current status, we were not surprised by an official announcement. Two weeks ago, Marvel announced that they were hiring another screenwriter and that it might be more than just superficial reshoots. That’s the current situation.

The Red Hulk Appearance

As for the most recent rumors, it has been indicated that during these action sequences, the Red Hulk will give heat and fire like in the comics. In fact, it is said that his fire will be hot enough to melt the vibranium wings that Sam Wilson has. As you know, Sam Wilson is not an enhanced individual by any means. He has no super soldier serum or superpowers, so if his wings melt, presumably his shield, also made of vibranium, would also melt, meaning he would definitely need a technological upgrade. This is where the most recent rumors about Sam Wilson’s technological upgrades during the film come in. Here he would go from having a pair of goggles to a full vibranium helmet, making him more sustainable in aerial fights.

Now, this is where I will issue a light spoiler warning, as this comes from a trusted insider who has had a proven track record over the past few years, @MyTimeToShineH. According to this anonymous insider, the final battle between Sam Wilson and Red Hulk will occur in the White House. Moreover, the information suggests that Red Hulk, aka President Ross, will die at the film’s end. However, some subsequent reports have refuted this, suggesting that they may hint at his death or that he may not be part of the Thunderbolts. In any case, reports indicate that Harrison Ford will not appear in Thunderbolts.

Rewrites and Changes That Could Mean a Big Event in the MCU

In short, these reshoots and rewrites appear to be to improve the quality of the film. Especially the action sequences that Marvel initially flagged as problematic. There are rumors of problems during pre-screenings, but there is no need to dramatize the situation and write the film off as an unmitigated disaster. Apparently, they are focusing on the best of the film and hopefully these updates will be beneficial.

Imagining Harrison Ford in the role of the Red Hulk is simply fascinating. His acting prowess and innate charisma could bring a unique depth to the character, giving him a commanding and memorable presence on screen. Witnessing the iconic figure of Harrison Ford transforming into the Red Hulk would undoubtedly be an exciting cinematic experience and full of potential to explore new dimensions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts! What are your preferences for the upcoming film? Share your ideas on how Sam Wilson, devoid of enhanced abilities, could confront the Red Hulk. Drop your insights in the comment section below!

Image Via 1414falconfan Instagram


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