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Anthony Mackie Declares On Image With Harrison Ford on the Set of Captain America 4

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BY July 7, 2023

A picture that Marvel released in the production process of Captain America: Brave New World created controversy and expectations. In this one, we could see Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford on the set of Captain America 4. However, we could see the latter with ripped pants. This element is a typical transformation feature to one of the Hulk versions, a fact that excited fans and ignited rumors.

Harrison Ford poured gasoline on the fire, stating that it may or may not be, further elevating rumors and fan interest. Indeed the possibility is high, considering he represents Thunderbolt Ross which is the first issue of this character in the Marvel comic book world. However, the fire seems to end with Mackie’s recent statements.

Anthony Mackie Declares on Image with Harrison Ford on the Set of Captain America 4

Harrison Ford Image: Lucasfilm/Marvel Comics

The image of Anthony Mackie and Harrison Ford generated a furor among the fans, with the possibility of the appearance of Red Hulk in Captain America 4. The appearance of the characters of Betty Ross and The Leader also heightens it. However, the first actor mentioned stated the real reason for Ford’s appearance.

The reason for the ragged clothes has nothing to do with the character Red Hulk; in fact, it has nothing to do with the movie. The real reason is that Ford lost his luggage in Atlanta and had no clothes to wear. So he asked Mackie for some pants, and Mackie gave him his ripped pants to take care of the garden. On this, Mackie commented to ComicBook:

“See, Harrison , and I go way back. A lot of people don’t know this… This is our second time working together. He came down to Atlanta, they lost his luggage, so I gave him a pair of pants, but those are my work pants from working in the yard. Harrison, he’s a curmudgeon, so he goes, ‘Anthony, just give me the damned pants.’ And I was like, ‘Alright.’ So that’s all that was. He just needed some pants.

The news had a double effect on fans, as they were able to laugh at the reason for Ford’s pants. However, they were also disappointed that the Red Hulk’s participation in Captain America 4 was not confirmed. However, some comment that it is almost suspicious, considering that we have seen signs of Ross’ transformation in trailers for other productions. 

Ross will play a Pivotal Role in Marvel

harrison ford red hulk Image: Marvel Studios

The inclusion of Harrison Ford in the role of President Ross is no coincidence. He succeeded the late William Hurt, who played the role from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The character will likely gain more prominence now, considering Marvel’s statements of wanting to push the green giant’s plot forward.

They may create a prequel to World War Hulk, where Ross will play a key role in his version of the Red Hulk. He would even participate in Thunderbolt, Marvel’s production of villains who want to vindicate themselves, sort of like DC’s Suicide Squad.

He could also have a part in The Avengers: Secret Invasion movie, considering that in Samuel Jackson’s series, he appears, and even we can notice he attempts to transform into the red-robed giant.

Yes, Harrison Ford will play Red Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross on July 26, 2024. Anthony Mackie already had his introduction as Captain America in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. However, this will be the first solo production of Sam Wilson’s version of Cap.

Featured Image Via Marvel Studios / Lucasfilm 

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