Black Adam Movie Box Office Crash In Japan
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Black Adam Box Office Crash In Japan

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BY December 3, 2022

The Black Adam movie was one of the movies that generated the most expectation in DC, however, the box office did not go along with it. In fact, the critical point of this movie was the return of Henry Cavill, a cameo of a few seconds of duration. However, the results seem to have had a different excitement than the film’s promotion.

Black Adam movie recently opened in the Japanese market, to close what would be the box office worldwide. If we recall, what it grossed in the first few days of the opening was very low, especially considering the cost of production and the expectation around this film.

Another fact to take into account is that the film is already online. This implies that the box office process is already closing. That is to say that DC can only aspire to obtain what it earned with this filming. 

Black Adam Box Office Crash In Japan

Dwayne Johnson Talks About Superman's Image via Warner Bros.

Black Adam movie opened in the Japanese market, opening in theaters with a very low box office. The antihero movie opened in theaters in the Asian country this Friday and earned 452 thousand dollars. A relatively low opening, even lower than less attractive movies like Shazam, which grossed 480 thousand dollars at the beginning of its broadcast in this country.

Black Adam has already been in theaters worldwide, and according to IMDB, Japan will be the last point of release for the film. It is currently streaming online, so it is unlikely that the rest of the world will see it in theaters.

As for its box office, Black Adam movie did not perform badly, considering that it made a profit for the studio. The film has grossed $378.3 million so far and has had an investment of $200 million. Overall, the result was good, even if it was not the desired one.

Black Adam Wrapped Filming, the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, DC Comics, Shazam!, DCEU, Warner Bros (Image via Screenshot)

The studio estimates that the production starring The Rock will at least surpass the $400 million mark. This is a low  number considering Robert Pattinson’s The Batman did 767.6 million in the theaters’ wallets.

So far, Black Adam has accumulated $163.4 million in the United States. The rest is divided among the other countries where this film was released. An interesting fact is that the box office results of Black Panther 2 openly surpass it since it obtained 374.3 million dollars in North America alone. 

As you can see, Black Adam didn’t perform poorly at the box office, but it wasn’t macro either. It was just another movie that made a profit for DC, although there are still possibilities for the character.

Possibilities for Black Adam in the Future

Superman Vs Black Adam Image: Warner Bros. Discovery

Even though Black Adam didn’t do so well at the box office, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a future in DC. He could be a key piece to be used by both James Gunn and Peter Safran in the company’s new path for the next few years. The character has unfinished business with several heroes. First, we have Superman, and second, we have his arch-nemesis in the comics, Shazam.

There is also the possibility of a sequel with the character; we will see his life inside the country and how he forms his family. It should be noted that in the comics, he has a wife and child and gives them powers.

Black Adam Movie Box Office Image via Warner Bros.

Another possibility is that the Justice Society of America is formed. In the comics, this belonged for a moment to this group of superheroes: Atom Smasher and Doctor Fate. 

It may also happen that our antihero will ally with the villains in a fight of the Justice League Vs. Injustice League. In the last film of this saga, Lex Luthor makes a group of villains fight the group of heroes is a possibility to consider.

As you can see, The Rock’s character Black Adam movie has a wide field of action. How they use him in this DC plot and what impact the long-awaited Flashpoint in The Flash will have on him is still unknown. We know it will cause a reboot of Superman in the upcoming sequel to The Last Son of Krypton.   

Featured Image Via Warner Bros. 




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