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Star Wars Eclipse Release Date Revealed? (Rumor)

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BY July 7, 2023

Alright, all you eager Star Wars enthusiasts out there, strap in tight! We’ve got some cosmic gossip heading your way. Rumor has it that Star Wars Eclipse, the brainchild of Quantic Dream, is setting its starship controls for a 2026 release date. But, as with any intergalactic journey, the space weather could get stormy, leading to potential delays. Now, before we go further, let’s crack open the nutshell of this intriguing rumor of the Star Wars Eclipse release date.

We all know Quantic Dream, right? They’re the creative powerhouse known for their narrative-driven games. Their fingerprints are all over this upcoming Star Wars venture. But, whispers from the inside, namely the reliable folks at Insider Gaming, hint at some turbulence. Quantic Dream seems to be struggling with internal issues, which could impact our Star Wars Eclipse release date.

Now, let’s delve deeper. The word is Quantic Dream’s been battling allegations surrounding workplace issues. Talk about sexual harassment, crunch, and toxic work culture have been circulating. To make matters more intense, one courageous whistleblower who shed light on these issues is still entangled in legal battles with the company. This standoff is predicted to reach a verdict by the end of this year.

Enough of the problems, though. Let’s get to the juicy stuff: the game itself. Star Wars Eclipse is being described as an innovative action-adventure game. What’s more exciting is the multiple-character branching narrative style it boasts. The plot takes place in the High Republic era of the beloved Star Wars galaxy. If you’re starting to feel the excitement bubble up, wait till we reveal the next bit. Insider Gaming has independently verified the plot details that leaked from Sacred Symbols. Get ready for a thrilling narrative, folks!

What is the Star Wars Eclipse release date?

Star Wars Eclipse Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

Given the impressive scope of Star Wars Eclipse and the alleged staffing woes at Quantic Dream, it’s reasonable to ponder if the Star Wars Eclipse release date might drift further from the 2026 target. If so, it would make Star Wars Eclipse the furthest announced game in the franchise. But don’t let that dampen your spirit, Star Wars fans.

Why, you ask? Because there’s an armada of Star Wars games on the horizon. Ubisoft Massive will release Star Wars: Outlaws, and Amy Hennig has a game with Skydance Media, although we don’t know the title. On top of that, Respawn Entertainment is cooking up an untitled FPS and another strategy game to keep us thrilled. Add to that Star Wars: Eclipse, Knights of the Old Republic Remake from Saber Interactive, and Star Wars: Hunters from Zynga. Star Wars fans have never had it so good!

In conclusion, the Star Wars Eclipse release date might seem like a distant star in the cosmos, but it’s part of an epic lineup that promises fans an adrenaline rush of lightsaber duels and thrilling adventures. So, while we’re all aboard the hype starship, we should remember that the voyage to the Star Wars Eclipse release date could be long.

As we anticipate the release, ask yourself, are you a patient Jedi, ready for the long journey to the Star Wars Eclipse release date? Or are you a more eager Padawan, keen on diving into the other titles in the pipeline? Regardless, stay tuned because the latest updates could bring about a twist in the tale. Remember, the force could be stronger with this one than you think!


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