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Patch Notes for Apex Legends Season 13 that Drops In a Few Hours!

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BY November 28, 2022

Finally, the wait is going to be over in a few more hours. The much-awaited release date of season 13 of Apex Legends is finally here with some new changes. In games like these, repetition is a huge problem. You go around doing the same things each match and sometimes, you don’t even get a single kill. Apex sure does feel like a looting simulator at times, but when it’s fun, it’s hella fun!

Most of us who play the game regularly have been keenly waiting for the Apex Legends: Season 13 Saviors release date to come. In a few more hours, the new season begins with a brand new legend. So far, in our wait, we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied with Apex Legends: Season 13 patch notes. It’s through these notes that we know what’s about to come.

We know we might be hyping things a little, but it’s worth the hype. With each season, Respawn brings new legends, maps, or weapons to the game. Most of these fresh new additions bring a whole new life to the game. So without wasting any more time, let’s jump into the deep end and find out what Apex Legends: Season 13 patch notes are all about!

Apex Legends: Season 13 New Legend Newcastle

As most of you who’ve read our previous article know, Jackson is the new legend. Yes, the same Jackson who’s Bangalore’s brother. Apex Legends Season 13 introduces us to Newcastle, the newest legend to join the games.  With Newcastle’s support-oriented kit, you’ll be able to manipulate the game in newer ways.

If you haven’t yet read our previous article, go read it now! If you don’t, then you’ll be missing out on a few key details about Newcastle’s kit. To refresh things for you, Newcastle will be equipped with defense measures like a shield drone and a castle wall. Despite the initial impression, he’s a very offensive legend in the right hands. We might be seeing a huge shift in meta since no one has been able to replace Gibby in the pro scene, yet.

Map Changes in Apex Legends Season 13

What fun would a refresh be if it didn’t come with a map change? The Apex devs do know how to keep their customers happy, and they keep doing it again and again. The new map changes to Stormpoint might get the despised map some traction among players. Right now, Stormpoint is nothing but endless openness. Yes, it gets frustrating after a while if you can’t find a single enemy squad.

The fights are long-range, and Apex doesn’t have many weapons that are suitable for long-range. Rather than tell you about what changes can be expected, we’d rather show you. Yeah, it doesn’t really help, so let us tell you instead. Apex Legends: Season 13 has somewhat fixed the problem of the map feeling a little empty. There’ll be a new POI (Point of Interest) called Downed Beast and it’s the carcass of a downed beast, duh. Players will be able to dance, fight, and dance over the dead body of a lifeless creature, isn’t that exciting?

Don’t worry though, it’s a new addition to the map. This means that it doesn’t interfere with the position of any other part on the map. This is expected since Stormpoint did have a lot of blank spaces on it. The devs must’ve intended for it to be that way since they’re making good use of it.

Last but not the least, according to the Apex Legends: Season 13 patch notes, there’ll be a new IMC armory where you can fight PvE enemies. So far, Stormpoint has been the only map with a PvE element and that’s one of its redeeming features. This new addition will further enhance the feel of Stormpoint and do it good in the eyes of the player base.

Ranked Changes this Season

The ranked system is getting quite of an overhaul this season. Apex Legends: Season 13 Saviors will be the first season where Rookie rank was introduced. This will be a tier lower than Bronze and is meant for new players only. The other drastic change in the ranked system will now be the introduction of tier demotion. Now, players can lose their tier if they keep on losing matches. Even though you’ll only go halfway down, it’s still something that’ll keep everyone on their toes.

If you’re still waiting for a piece of good news then the cap from Kill RP gained has been removed. The Assist timer has also been changed from 10s to 15s. This means that now, you’ll get more Assists than before. Even if a team steals your kill, you’ll at least get the Assist points. There are also a few changes in the entry costs of each tier and you can read more about them here.

(Apex) Legend Rebalances in Season 13

Our girl Rampart is getting some love this time. While the devs have tried to make Rampart a more preferred legend, the players still aren’t impressed. The charge-up time for Shiela will be decreased from 1.75s to 1.25s. This is a drastic 30% decrease and this might finally give Rampart the boost that she needed.

The players are still asking for a new passive for Pathfinder and a rework of Gibby. Even Bangalore mains have been asking for something new owing to the number of tracker legends in the game. However, Respawn has ignored their requests once again. We might not get any major reworks this season unless it’s a surprise one.  Fingers crossed!

Apex Legends: Season 13 Weapon Changes

Now, coming to the juiciest part of the entire article. Respawn has decided to focus a lot more on weapon rebalancing this time. The Apex Legends: Season 13 patch notes indicate that Flatline and Longbow will be back to the ground loot. Now, the R-301 and the Rampage LMG will be going into craftable weapons instead.

The Kraber will also be getting a nerf so that it’s not as much of a nuisance. The sniper rifle has been dominating the Apex games for quite some time now. Nerfing it a little might be good so that the other sniper rifles like Sentinel could shine through. The LMGs will also be getting some love and hopefully, there’ll be more than one single option available to the players to choose from.

From the care package, Spitfire is likely to be removed and moved to ground loot. The gun was an excellent choice back when Rampage LMG wasn’t introduced. Many players will be happy to see their favorite gun back on the ground but we don’t know what we’ll be trading for that. These changes seem quite substantial and it’s we hope that Apex Legends: Season 13 release date sees a lot more players coming to the game.



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