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KOTOR Remake Confirmed to Be Underway at Non-EA Studio

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BY June 25, 2021

For as long as Knights of the Old Republic has existed, questions about its future have existed as well. There are a lot of things to consider when bringing a beloved game to modern consoles. In recent years, the remake and remaster routes offered a ton of room for developers to choose what experience to present to gamers. In short, a remake provides a new, updated view of the game in a modern lens. With a remaster, you’re simply making the game look a bit better with the occasional mechanic improvement as well. Fans are dying for more from the KOTOR universe, and it appears as if a remake is confirmed to be underway. Who else but Jason Schreier could shake up the gaming news cycle? Here’s what he said about KOTOR remake that’s underway at a non-EA studio.

KOTOR Remake Confirmed by Jason Schreier, Aspyr Media to Helm the Project

KOTOR Remake Confirmed Image Credit: BioWare/EA

In the latest episode of the MinnMaxShow, Jason Schreier casually dropped word that Aspyr Media is confirmed to develop a KOTOR remake. He specifically used the word “remake,” but it’s unclear to what extent the project will change and adapt the game. The latest Aspyr projects within the Star Wars universe are quite good. I praised Star Wars Episode 1 Racer in my review for feeling great decades after the initial release. The same goes for Star Wars Republic Commandowhich runs a bit worse but is still fun.

Aspyr is responsible for the mobile ports of Knights of the Old Republic. Having played the first game on an iPad, I can report that it’s a great experience. My hopes for the confirmed KOTOR remake include the following features. Firstly, the game should include better visuals. Improving this game’s look where possible should be a priority. Secondly, diminishing the bugs present in the ports would be ideal. Thirdly, if the rumors of fitting KOTOR into the Disney canon are true, please do so in the most minimal way possible. I don’t want the original story feeling wholly changed because of the new canon.

What we can assume is that Aspyr, who does amazing work, will handle this swimmingly no matter what level of a “remake” we receive. We don’t have confirmation from the studio itself about the game yet. Hopefully, Schreier wasn’t jumping the gun here. If you’re excited about the news, then drop your favorite moment of Knights of the Old Republic in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: BioWare/EA


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