Jumanji Video Game Coming to PlayStation in November 2023
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Jumanji Video Game Coming to PlayStation in November 2023

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BY June 17, 2023

After flopping in 2019, a new Jumanji video game is officially on its way. PlayStation just released the announcement trailer and it definitely looks promising! Check out all the features you can expect in the upcoming game. 

Jumanji Wild Adventures Coming to PS 

A new Jumanji video game is officially in the works, Outright Games team confirms. Moreover, the new game is coming sooner than you thought. The official release date for Jumanji: Wild Adventures is November 3rd, 2023!

In hopes to make a better and long-lasting impression on players, Outright Games has worked hard on creating a new Jumanji video game. Will it be better than the 2019 version? Well, it does promise a lot more features than the previous game. 

Just like before, the game offers players to join as Ruby, Franklin Finbar, Professor Shelly Oberon, or Dr. Smolder Bravestone. The game works as a co-op video game, which is great. The main task of the game is to find the Jewel of Jumanji. You can also play solo. 

Apart from exploring the jungle, the new Jumanji video game will include several other features. For example, it will include a puzzle element. In order to unlock new abilities and special loot, players will work together on finishing ‘fiendish’ puzzles, says Outright Games. 

Since 2019, Outright Games took in every piece of feedback from the players. Hopefully, this will result in a much more diverse and fun game. The latest trailer by PlayStation gives us a sneak peek into the new game. 

From escaping devious traps to wandering around icy mountains, players will need to finish dozens of quests, all the while being aware of the Jumanji drums!

Is the 2019 Jumanji Video Game Good?

The new Jumanji video game will follow the events of the latest movie in the Jumanji franchise, featuring actors such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson. However, will it make a better impression than the previous one? 

In 2019, Outright Games released Jumanji: The Video Game. While it did offer several playing modes, such as co-op, and even split-screen option, the game flopped when it came to the official ratings. 

Despite promising a variety of unexpected elements and a lot of fun, players finished the game within a couple of hours. Moreover, the game only consisted of four separate sections, making it very easy and quite boring to pass. Hopefully, the new Jumanji video game will include a lot more levels and fun for future players. 


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