Superman: Legacy Movie James Gunn Reveals 4 Team Members
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James Gunn Reveals 4 Marvel Team Members For Superman: Legacy Movie

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BY June 18, 2023

James Gunn is working hard to develop Superman: Legacy movie, the first of DC’s new story productions. The DC director and president already have his script ready. In addition, he now has much of his production team in place, and they are people who have worked with DC’s Gunn before.

The filmmaker commented that several members of the production team that worked with him on the MCU productions will also be on the Superman: Legacy movie. Gunn clarified that he is familiar with their working style, which will greatly facilitate the development of the next film of the last son of Krypton. 

4 MCU Members Who Will Be in Superman: Legacy Movie

James Gunn confirmed in an interview on the Inside of You podcast with Michael Rosenbaum four members of his team who worked with him in the MCU will be in the Superman: Legacy movie. These will play four important roles: production designer, director of photography, costume designer and VFX supervisor. Now we will introduce you to the four new additions to the first movie of the new DC canon.

Superman: Legacy Team Members

1. Beth Mickle (Production Designer)

Ben Mickle will return to work with James Gunn after developing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Suicide Squad. She will be the production designer in charge of ensuring that the set and other filming locations are ready when it’s time to shoot every Superman: Legacy movie scene.  

2. Judianna Makovsky (Costume Designer) 

Another addition was Judianna Makovsky. She previously worked on several productions with the director, including 2 Guardians of the Galaxy productions, which were the Christmas special and installment number 2 of this saga. She also participated in Warner and DC’s Suicide Squad from the DCEU.

His main job will be to design the costumes with his team so that each character has the right look for the scene. To do this, he will guide the developers of the various costumes in each aspect they want to highlight.

3. Henry Braham (director of photography)

Behind the camera will be Henry Braham, the director of photography for this film. He has several green points with both DC and Gunn himself due to his involvement in the developments of Guardians of the Galaxy parts 2 and 3, Suicide Squad and Warner’s recent release, The Flash.

Braham will be in charge of lighting every scene, shooting every scene behind the camera and ensuring every detail looks as good as possible. 

4. Stephane Ceretti (visual effects supervisor) 

Stephane Ceretti is another of the star additions Gunn made to the film. Considering he was nominated two times for an Oscar for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy part 1 and 2. He also led this aspect on films like The Avengers: Endgame, Eternals and Doctor Strange.

An Exceptional Team to Bring Back the Man of Steel

Superman James Gunn Image via Gage Skidmore

As we have just seen, James Gunn will not spare any means to produce Superman: Legacy movie. Bringing in an expert in CGI makes sense, especially in an era where this area is being sorely neglected. In fact, with the recent release of The Flash, most of the criticism falls on this aspect.

James Gunn is an excellent filmmaker, and he is looking for quality personnel for the Superman: Legacy movie. This director is known for caring for his team and surrounding himself with people he trusts. He confirmed this himself on the podcast with Michael Rosenbaum. During the interview, Gunn confessed that he always treats his team very well and that he received a lot of support when he was fired from Disney. 

The Superman: Legacy movie is a very ambitious project. For this reason, the fact that Gunn is looking for close and trustworthy people increases the chances that the project will be a success. 

We are at a fascinating time for DC, with the recent release of The Flash and James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plan about to get off the ground. 

Featured Image Via James Gunn Twitter / DC Comics 

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