Superman Legacy Actor: Possible New Clark Kent Confirmed!
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Superman: Legacy Actor, A Possible Chosen One To Play Clark Kent And More…

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BY May 14, 2023

DC fans eagerly await to see which actor will play the last son of Krypton in Superman: Legacy. The movie will kick off DC’s new plot on the big screen and already has several interesting developments. Among these, we highlight the script, which James Gunn declared as concluded, starting the preliminary phases of the production of this film. Among these, we have the selection of actors for the cast of the film.

In this phase, they have a quite peculiar challenge: to find the actors who will play the main characters, Superman and Lois Lane. Some proposed candidates could play the main characters, and we will present them to you with the pros and cons of each one of them.

Who Could be Superman Legacy Actor?

Superman James Gunn Image via Gage Skidmore

Topping the list to play Clark Kent in Superman: Legacy is actor David Corenswet, who was in the movie Pearl portraying the hapless projectionist. As for the casting process, the actor is in the screen test phase, which will take place after Memorial Day or in June. According to several sources, two other candidates are in the postulation stage for the role, although they did not disclose their names.

Another on the list to play the last son of Krypton is Jacob Elordi. This talented actor played the villain in the HBO production Euphoria. There were many expectations about the actor and what he could bring to the film. However, the actor showed no interest in the role and was discarded by the casting team.

Tom Brittney and Andrew Richardson are others who were on the list for the character. Initially, there were rumors that the first actor had a high chance of playing the Man of Steel in Superman: Legacy, but it never happened. 

It all shows that the production is taking its time casting Superman characters, especially given Henry Cavill’s departure from the character. This had a pretty strong criticism, and still, some fans demand the actor’s return to the character, so they are choosing very carefully…

Options for Lois Lane Casting

Sex Education Season 5 Won't Get Emma Mackey Back As Maeve, Star Says "I Want To Gracefully Exit From..." Image: Sex Education

Aside from the lead actor for Superman: Legacy, there is another crucial character, Lois Lane. The Planet’s star reporter has several candidates who can play her. The first is Emma Mackey, who performed excellently in the Netflix series Sex Education. The actress tops the list and awaits her screen test to prove if she can portray this character.

Another candidate is Rachel Brosnahan, who starred in Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Because of the characters played and her experience, she can portray the star reporter. The problem with this artist is her age, which exceeds 32 years, may clash with the young version that Gunn wants to capture in the film.

Other contestants for the role are Phoebe Dynevor and Samara Weaving. These actresses were previewed, although only one will make it to the next phase. Which of the two will be in the next stage for selection is still unknown.

Possible Lex Luthor Casting in Superman: Legacy

Image: 20th Century Fox

Actor Nicholas Hoult could be chosen to portray Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy. This actor has a great talent and is very versatile in his background. In addition, he has already been in superhero movies playing the mutant Beast. 

Hoult could play the bald villain who makes the city chaotic with evil plans and deceptions. The actor is not yet confirmed, although everything indicates that Lex Luthor and Kal-El will face each other in Superman: Legacy.

Another important fact to note is that the film will feature an actor from the Guardians of the Galaxy. We know this due to James Gunn statements. However, it has not yet transcended who it will be and its role in the film.

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