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Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter Perks and More!

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BY August 8, 2023

Dead by Daylight just hit us with Nick Cage. And, now they’re adding two horror icons in the Alien Chapter. Yup, the Dead by Daylight Alien chapter comes with both Ripley and the Xenomorph. Plus, the latter is bringing a few twists to the game.

This wasn’t revealed in the Dead by Daylight stream. And, this killer is also adding a new gameplay mechanic. The last one was The Knight, who brought special AI companions. This time, we’re getting a way to fight back.

Dead by Daylight’s Alien gameplay broken down

dead by daylight alien chapter xenomorph The Alien brings a unique gameplay style with extra work from the developer. (Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.)

Firstly, we have the Xenomorph. He’s kind of a combination of The Dredge and The Demogorgon. His special ability lets him travel underground tunnels between stations. This also lets him charge a stronger basic attack. Survivors get a flamethrower turret item to stop this attack.

As for his perks, we also have a few new approaches here. Rapid Brutality removes bloodlust but gives you haste on hit. Alien Instinct shows the area of the farthest injured survivor on hooks. Lastly, Ultimate Weapon reveals and blinds in your Terror Radius after opening lockers.

Dead by Daylight also adding Ellen Ripley to survivor roster

ellen ripley in dead by daylight The Alien brings a unique gameplay style with extra work from the developer. (Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.)

On the other hand, we have Ellen Ripley. Dead by Daylight’s Alien chapter adds three new survivor perks, too. These perks focus on losing killers and defending survivors. I can see some of these perks being a bit toxic.

Chemical Trap lets you trap dropped pallets to slow down killers who break them. Light-Footed silences your footsteps when you’re healthy till a rushed action. Lastly, Lucky Star silences your grunts and rids you of blood pools. Though, you have to enter lockers to activate this perk. When you exit them, you see other survivors and a nearby generator.

Dead by Daylight Alien Chapter adding Nostromo crash site

dead by daylight nostromo wreckage The Nostromo crash site looks like a combination of indoors and outdoors. (Image credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.)

Finally, we have the last addition in the Alien Chapter. The Nostromo wreckage is an interesting map. You can compare it to something like the abandoned asylum. But, it’s really something different.

The map combines exteriors and interiors. The main map is the crash site, with a tundra-like field around it. But, the Nostromo lies at the center. This is a small interior map with its own lockers, vaults, and more.


Featured Image Credit: Behaviour Interactive Inc.



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